Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

It’s weird that blogging about other blogging topics has made blogging pretty exciting again.

Before I was blogging about pure technology and that’s it.

Blogging is easy if you get started soon!

I never really shared much about my opinion on other topics and after awhile, digital marketing felt like chasing a bull.

An image from austin zoo by tyler garrett - blogging about random topics is a good way to start blogging image

My sons first trip to the zoo offers a great way to find new things to talk about, exciting pictures to add to my journey, and of course, pictures relating to the text is key.

It would take me days, hours, never minutes, and never truly feel creative if it’s repetitive blogging.

Does it take days? Hours? Minutes? How creative are you if you’re not blogging about more than one topic?

  • Taking forever to release content?
  • Maybe you need to make content that isn’t so complicated?
  • Have you tried writing about something more exciting or interesting?

The data does not lie – it just takes a long time to make sense of what to do with the data. And boy let me tell you, if you have an idea right now, and started blogging about it, by the end of the year you could very easily be generating multiple sources of revenue.

Also, one looming fact…

My friends and family ain’t gonna read nothing about some technical shit, but share a picture of my baby or an animal, well now you’re blogging. Play to the market baby!

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to read more than a little bit of the post, then let me at least explain one more thing before you bounce. Don’t mess with the bull unless you want the horns.

What I mean by that… If you build the pipeline of traffic, people will keep coming and expecting you to be at the end, and if you’re not willing to support the business, it will crumble.

Blogging about blogging, traveling, or nothing is much easier from an output perspective.

There’s an interesting amount of anxiety and stress that comes with blogging about one topic.

So, don’t start that way. Also, just start, you should blog about trying to start. Fight against the fear of the unknown is another piece of this but because I know it, and I wish I started earlier because it’s bloody easy.

Hopefully, you’re picking up what I’m trying to put down, blogging is easy.

Blogging is easy, so stop waiting for someone to give you a winning lottery ticket.

Seriously, waiting is the worst possible mistake you can make if you have the desire to get ahead.

There was a pressure to building my own business and the pressure was because of all the unknowns and fact content online that never teaches you the true path to monetizing your time.

Almost like releasing a song I produced. Then sending it to someone via email.

Hoping they actually open the email, let alone listen to 100% of the song.

A pressure from a digital perspective with very few logical steps to take, a mindful of information, and a bunch of digital marketing non-sense from “thought leaders,” who don’t really know what’s happening.

Early on building my first few blogs…

My day-to-day grind before Tyler Garrett dot com, it felt like a gradient of decisions, and nothing really stuck out.

Plus, trying to isolate on a single topic is not very exciting because our lives aren’t 100% focused on one topic.

We are not gradient decision makers, we are dynamic decision makers, and tend to lean more towards success.

Basically – Single topic blogging disables the ability to really share much beyond that single topic. Especially if it’s your business.

And from a digital marketing perspective, it’s boring building thousands of links that say “something service.”

But Tyler, I have a Face of a Troll.

did you know that bloggers don't need to be sexy like this llama We can't all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces. Maybe instagram isn't your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging?

We can’t all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces, or butts, for money on Instagram, and maybe Instagram isn’t your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging? It’s cool, Instagram is full of fake account bots and you only get 1 website link.

I believe enjoying blogging again is key to my sanity.

I used to walk and blog. Voice to text about technology. I believe enjoying blogging is key to giving yourself an outlet to talk to someone.

Without whiteboarding your ideas on paper, how do you progress your ideas, and how do you move from where you are today?

Have you considered blogging yet?

Feel free to contact me for free startup advice.


Other blog at – https://medium.com/@dev3loped/enjoying-blogging-about-other-blogging-topics-is-pretty-blogging-7dda1d49b187

Are you more techie? Learn how to use python to generate shortlinks.

Shhh. Let people enjoy things.

Shhh. Let people enjoy things.

Hello mate, has anyone ever told you to – Shhh. Let people enjoy things.

Our world feels like sometimes it’s important to stop enjoying things… And for those people, we have a meme for them.

How about you shhhh and let other people enjoy things.

Because for some reason… When the tough gets going, others are having more fun than you, and the world has your smile upside down, you tend to not let people enjoy things.

And for you, in the moment, Enjoying things goes out the door.

When you need to shhh. And a health dosage of stfu, on occasion.

Shhh. let people enjoy things, yuh bro.

You there, shhh let people enjoy things.

You don’t need to be upset about what makes others happy.

You don’t need to tell people on Facebook about what you dislike either. Especially if it makes others happy. Rather, you should consider shhhhhhh and let people enjoy things.

Try shhh-ing.

Go on walks.

Shhh. Let others enjoy things.

Let others enjoy life.



  1. Here’s a website that offers a “Shhh let people enjoy things” image with a comment bucket for others to leave insights on how to best use the meme. http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1152332-webcomics
  2. A content aggregator – it picks up images and content offline and posts it on their website automatically. It’s how people generate revenue, it’s not pretty, but it’s efficient. https://me.me/t/let-people-enjoy-things
  3. And where would we be without a Pin on Pinterest? Check out this re-post here.
  4. Last but not least, 9gag has another similar content aggregation portal for meme images. A more robust website, it has more comments than the rest.

lol, “what if those people enjoy complaining” – I didn’t think of that.
I’m sourcing your blog post here! https://tylergarrett.com/stuff/2018/04/shhh-let-people-enjoy-things/, love the site. cheers.

7vices 5 points · 4 Nov

what if those people enjoy complaining?

i_killed_tammy 3 points · 5 Nov

That person is obviously a hoe, don’t people wear make up to look better? Then wearing too much is a bad thing and it helps if someone says it may be too much, right?

sir_lunchalot93 Pro 2 points · 4 Nov


yannick_samere 1 point · 4 Nov

no, i don’t
I love ______.

I love ______.

I love my wife.

I love my son.

I love my wife.

I love other stuff too, keep scrolling down.

I love my old tennis shirt from high school. I love taking walks around the neighborhood.

I love my old tennis shirt from high school. I love taking walks around the neighborhood.

I love my son…

I love this little Christmas outfit. I love his desire to drink water like us.

I love this little Christmas outfit. I love his desire to drink water like us.

I love my dogs.

I love water.

I love trees.

I love data.

I love SQL.

I love helping.

I love humanity.

I love insects.

I love cats.

I love cows.

I love penguins.

I love analog synthesizers. I love my family of humans and gear.

I love analog synthesizers. I love my family of humans and gear.

I love music and I hope you like it too.

I love problems.

I love solving.

I love understanding.

I love this.

I love cats pajamas.

How did 21 bags of leaves make me take a bath?

How did 21 bags of leaves make me take a bath?

Has it been awhile since you took a bath? How did 21 bags of leaves make me take a bath?

I’m talking tub plugged, water to the top, you’re in the bottom, and the tub contains your emerged body…

No phone, no cell reception, no need to intervene, you’re in a daze.

I wanted to do something outside of my usual trend. Blog about something different.

My wife is putting down my son Andoni and my back has been hurting all week.

More about taking baths

Did you know people in Australia take showers more than any other nation?

9% of them shower three times per day. Sound crazy?

Australians have the status of being one of the cleanest nations on the planet. 90% of women and 80% of men bathe or shower at least once daily according to a 2008 report by the SCA, a leading global hygiene company.

Previous research by Energy Australia revealed 29% of us hit the shower twice daily, while 9 per cent boasted three showers a day. Compare this to the shower-shy Chinese: 50 per cent claim to wash twice a week, while in Sweden less than 50 per cent of women bother with a daily wash.

From: SMH

Because I decided to generate 21 bags of leaves with a lot of manual side to side motion.

The leaf blower or sucker is great for blowing dirt around but for blowing leaves, I think I bought the wrong product.

Stupid lawn care purchases, lol.

So, I’m in the bath and I’m blogging about it. The bathtub is leaking, that’s most of what’s going on.

You know how the tub drains into the pipe?

The waterfalls and hits the bottom of the pipe, trickling with each drop.

“Who knows how old this bathtub is..”

Closing my eyes is nice when taking a bath, I can hear the sound machine in the other room.

The ocean with a mixture of rain.

The sway of an ocean, the perpetual rock of the waves, the rocking motion we hope that will put out son to sleep and my phone out of the tub.

Long story short if it’s been a bit since you took a bath, indulge.

Next time I decide to fill 21 bags of leaves, I’ll consider doing a bath right away, not later.

No rewards for two baths per day.

No one will reward you for eating taco bell with fire hot sauce.

And no one will reward you for making 21 bags of leaves. Each weighing 60-70lbs, easily.

I waved at the nice men throwing the leaves in the truck, they didn’t seem to be as excited as me.

I only went outside to see if they would actually take 21 bags of leaves.

Because the week before I had 6 bags ready, 3 feet from the curb, and they didn’t bother picking anything up. Challenged accepted.

That will teach you to mess with my dynamic yard output.

Alright, time to turn this hot water up, have a good day.

Tips for taking the best bath…

Step 1: Clean Your Bathroom, they say it’s not bad to cut down on the disorder before your tub time.

It’s hard to relax in disordered, dirty surroundings, so take a few minutes to straighten up, wipe everything down, and maybe shake out your bath mat and give the floor a quick sweep, as there is nothing worse than emerging from the tub, all blissed out, only to have your joy stolen by the feeling of grit and hair sticking to your feet.

The Date-Night Bath?

The date-night bath is similar to the beautifying bath, only a little less aggressive, and a little more mood-enhancing. You could do a face mask, but I don’t like to do any intense or new facial treatments before a date, just in case my skin reacts poorly. Sensual, fragrant bubbles are must for the date-night bath, either by way of this bubble bar or (once again) a wonderfully scented Teal’s product. A playlist is also needed, preferably something a little sexy but still relaxing. Cigarettes After Sex is my current go-to for cultivating date-night bath vibes. Feel free to use it yourself.

Driving from Austin to Dallas is…

Driving from Austin to Dallas is…

Driving from Austin to Dallas is a lot like driving from LAX to Las Angeles. Just kidding, I just happened to have the picture.

Driving from Austin to Dallas is necessary because we need to see different areas around Irving.

We are relocating to DFW for my new job at Alteryx.

I’ve made this trip so many times. Highway 35 sucks. Get ready for anything.

“I told you so.”

Look ahead of what you’re doing on 35, don’t get sucked into the glorious landscape, road construction, large trucks, big trucks, truck trucks.

Driving from Austin to Dallas is an exercise.

Like riding a bike.

You forget a few things on your bike, it takes a few minutes to figure it out, but a few minutes on highway 35 can make a massive difference.

A few minutes you will be able to see that you’re passing the last good exit to avoid an accident or weird event traffic.

If it’s SXSW. Wake up early and win.

Otherwise – don’t bother. Go back. Leave next week. Traffic peaks in Austin for any kind of event because the infrastructure has not improved, and the population has probably doubled.

Going from Austin to Dallas. You have a variety of good stops along the way. We prefer pet-friendly stops, ones with dog parks.

That may sound crazy but this highway is heavily traveled and this place is always packed. As most places on this highway are used to seeing a lot of through traffic.

Just because these towns can sustain your Austin to Dallas trip, doesn’t mean they can sustain a fender bender anywhere near these tiny towns.

Stay on the map application on your smartphone and look ahead. You can cut out hours of time by simply looking at ways to go around any bad traffic areas.

I’ve seen people shave off as much as 3 hours by keeping up with the map on their phone.