6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

Hello, Tyler here. 8 yrs ago I was working at Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A, and Einstein’s Bagels, now I’m earning over six figures and have multiple streams of income. Below you will find 6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

Hanging with my best friends.

Time to listen to the rags to riches and what I see keeping people from really progressing. While working 3 jobs I also went to college fulltime. It’s possible.

Oddly enough, it’s not necessary if you start blogging…

And keep it consistent.

— seriously check out this tasty snack, lol, felt like I was eating fucken dog food. Terrible branding idea.

About my unsuccessful successful life.

I started working at 14 years old because I wanted to buy things.

I worked my entire life to get to this point and I hope my successful friends, and friends growing up in the grind, take a note, and listen.

I want people to know who you are, so let me tell you what I see others doing poorly. So you can learn from their mistakes.

In the last 4 months I’ve analyzed over 500 businesses and spoke to roughly 200+ CEO, VP, or some executive title.

Companies that range from 20million to 1billion in annual revenue. And I’ve been consulting for nearly a decade, in the enterprise business intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics space. (Yes — AI, data science, machine learning) www.dev3lop.com here’s my portfolio/llc/invention. Www.musicblip.com non-profit music label 🎶 🎼. And many more.

Websites cost <$30. 😂

One major similarity I see, people usually never move past when owning their own business/thing (or managing a Facebook group)…

They are only able to scale their success, if they can control their own personal ego.

They needed it to get where you are and need to lose it to get further. I speak from experience.

Here are 6 things they need to consider.

  1. Successful people are not always right, that works enough to get you to this juncture
  2. Rarely do I see anyone doing really well… who also understands how to monetize it, so don’t stress that problem today.
  3. They do not understand the value of investing money back into the business, you’re not an investor, delegate to people who understand.
  4. Their fear of failure keeps you from progressing.
  5. The fear of unknown keeps you from changing.
  6. The fear of success.. is one I’m still learning to overcome. I’m learning you can’t force success and finding a ‘network of people’ who support your crazy ideas, is key. Because most people only want to see you FAIL.

Last tip, they don’t know when or how to ask for help.

You know what you know.

Until someone shows you another way.

How to be more successful with your failures

Learning how to be more successful is a wash if you’re focused on fans or success. Failure is what helps me drive success. I’ve failed millions of times and now I’ve learned to fail trillions of times, in a split second.

Not magic, just tools. Went to college. Grinded.

Now I wear dumb shirts under my business meetings. 😂


(My first time in Toronto.)

If you want to start an idea, try WordPressWeeblyInstagram, YouTube, and be fucken consistent.

  • WordPress is free, easy, personal blog, whatever you want.
  • Weebly is free, easy, whatever you want, Blog.
  • Instagram is free and mostly bots.
  • Better to blog, Facebook ain’t shit.
  • Tell your friends about this, it maybe what they need.

Something every day, share it on every platform. Ask people for feedback. People who will give you a hammer. Not a pillow. And improve.

No deadlines, this ain’t school, you click edit, and it doesn’t suck as much when you edit… thousands of edits… it’s okay. 👌

Download medium, it’s free. What’s the hold up, you don’t need to put your social security to get an account. Tell your stories and watch yourself talk in video.

You only need 5 mins a day, get behind a camera, and do what ever you want.Just be real.

Don’t quit your full time job when starting your second grind.


Tyler Garrett

Dad, husband, nerd