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Start Typing to Get Traffic!

Start typing to get traffic... It's magic, I know. If you say start typing a couple more times than your competitor, you're going to confuse a robot and the algorithm will rank you #1. There's no tricks... Just a lot of opinionated people who aren't very technical,...

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Moog Synths, The Little Emotional Creatures

Moog synths. Our friends. Our Creatures. People ask me, "what do you like about your synth?" "How is this synth, compared to that synth?" It's a lot like asking me what the best Tableau consulting company is, I have no idea really, but I think I don't suck at it too...

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Calm before the storm, Government Shutdown

The calm before the storm, the grumbling of millions of American people, and the protest of a government shutdown. Meanwhile, France is taking it to the streets. And bringing entire cities to a standstill. Poetic. And we are the ones who like to "fight for what is...

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AI is Not Scary, Yet | Fear the Developers

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is not scary and I want to set you at ease. Right now, the only fear you have is the developer using artificial intelligence for bad. Simple enough, right... Consider the available technology. Video recognition using basic web cams,...

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SOHN’s BBC Radio 1 – Broadcast #1 – Track list

SOHN's first BBC radio show was an utter classic. You have hits from Deadbear, Caribou, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many more. Find a full track listing & links to the artist/song, below the embedded player. You can use the embedded player below or jump to souncloud here....

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Sound Volume 1.01 | Music by SOHN, Hello I am #SOHN.

SOHN - Their show starts in 10 minutes and I'm 20 minutes away. I walked into the show, half awake, eyes glazed over from a long nap... I was running on empty, hungover from night before, the show already started... I ordered a triple whiskey, who knows how long it...

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How to Loop your Code | PowerShell Looping

Here's one way to loop your code with PowerShell. PowerShell looping is one of the easiest ways to loop through processes in code and a good way to start learning to iterate little processes you develop. A rather typical procedure to learn early or it won't make much...

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Make Your Computer Type For You in PowerShell

Hello, here's a quick tutorial on how to make your computer type for you in PowerShell on Windows. Have you ever needed to type something on a computer? Over and over. And maybe you did not want to repeat that task. This script is for you. Making your computer type...

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A Very Quick Introduction to PowerShell

Powershell is a windows only computer programming language and it reads pretty easy on the eyes. You might be wondering why I'm saying it reads easy. Some programming languages to do not read easy. Some programming languages do read easy.. Powershell is one of those...

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