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A Very Quick Introduction to PowerShell

Powershell is a windows only computer programming language and it reads pretty easy on the eyes. You might be wondering why I'm saying it reads easy. Some programming languages to do not read easy. Some programming languages do read easy.. Powershell is one of those...

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Find and Replace in a CSV using Python

Below is a quick tutorial on using a type of “find and replace” across a CSV file or you could do this find and replace on a TXT file too. I’m not a developer, just another blogger, blogging about learning python. I’m building use cases that are similar to a typical...

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6 things Successful People Do Unsuccessfully.

Hello, Tyler here. In today's blog, I want to discuss 6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully. Mostly, I see people trying to make dogs work as a brand. Just kill that dead already, dogs are great but don't jam them into every part of your life. Never...

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Little man in a little seat

Little Andoni in his little seat. Had such a fun day with you, you’re saying way more words than most kids at this age. It’s hard to keep up.  It was an interesting time owning a home at this age Andoni. Our next home purchase may be in a few years. Depending on...

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Finding Correlations in Public Data Sources

Can you choose different public data sources quickly, efficiently, and use that data for data science too? Finding correlations in public data sources used to be a lot of work to wrangle. What I said above, for most, would require multiple people....

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Homeless Data per State

Homeless data per state - this data source offers insights into sheltered, unsheltered, and chronically homeless families, individuals, and unaccompanied youth. My hypothesis is that if you have a lot of homeless people in your state, you also have bad survey scores,...

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HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data

Using HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data from was the beginning of a group project. And a quick hypothesis that if your hospital gets bad survey scores, it's likely because there are other outliers that correlate. HCAHPS Survey data gives us quick insights into...

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This dog..

This dog.. loves pooping inside. Can't get enough of pooping inside. While browsing the local austin gardening store, this dog.. pooped 4 different times. One more just now, not sure where the extra poop comes from but at least not inside today.. This dog.. Pure joy....

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Excited to watch you grow.

Each day you become more real in my life. I'm waking up more next to you. With that said, "I'm excited to watch you grow." They may sound weird but when you have a kid, you will understand. With each day they get older, you connect more with the human behind the baby...

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When the Internet turns off.

When the internet turns off, we are left to wait. When the internet turns off, it's time to get analog again. Off goes the light. When the Internet turns off, everything stops. No more online meetings, no more emails, no more tweets, no grams, no messaging...

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When I travel I text food pics to my wife. 

Do you ever get lonely and text your best friend a picture of your food? Maybe give them a review of it? When I travel I text food pics to my wife and give her reviews along the way.A Wawa coffee next to my wawa-water. A chicken quesadilla with chipotle sauce. ...

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Breakfast before an Uber Ride!

Did you get a breakfast before an Uber ride? When you're in a hurry and need to eat; grab a banana, eggs, potatoes, and coffee. Throw your canon 6d on your shoulder, get on your phone, open uber, and try to find an uber close by. Getting a breakfast while your uber...

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