The URL Shortening Wiki – Using Short URLs for SEO

The URL Shortening Wiki – Using Short URLs for SEO

Short URLs can and will be used for increasing domain ranking and it’s not just an SEO trick to use Short URLs.

Using Short links is a best practice.

by tyler garrett

Some url shortening services are simply important to know about as you learn more about web development Or digital marketing. Have fun!


End goal with writing about URL shortening is to key in on people who want to generate an online footprint. It’s free and easy to build a following. You need to start early, and this is one of many ways to do it.

Tweet me if you need help.

Pretend you’re the little kid from Pokemon, ash. Ash is competitive and likes collecting more Pokemon balls than other people, he would have enjoyed MySpace, friend request any Pokemon he wanted.

Well, now you’re a grown up City ash.

You’re this little box, little box 📦 ash.

A little red website who sells “red colorings of red boxes.”

You’re a practical red box lobster.

“Raaaah,” you say on Google+.

Red boxes are great i #love #red #boxes.

Then you post that on 4 different box loving google+ groups.

Four green little pokemon balls, you own them, they point back at your red-box-sales website. Following me so far?

(Oh hey, links pointing at your website, blog, cat blog, red box store, pokemon backpack nightlight, etc… you can see 4 green circles and know those represent green links, you pasted in your google+ account. It’s just an app on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Google+ is free and builds organic traffic by increasing your ranking.)

Shortlinking for counting clicks.. *big yawn*

A shortlink counting service would tell you which of these 4 links is being clicked the most, what country, etc… giving you a quick view into your incoming traffic.

Wow, biggest yawn ever. This is boring. But, you need to know basics and that’s what this URL shortening wiki is all about. Teaching you the moves.

Mostly because…

The current mind set is to paste the same link over and over, wait a day or several days to get an update, aka google analytics & google webmaster tools. (Maybe you’ve never heard of either of these tools? They are essential to getting ranked on google and understanding user behavior on your website.)

It’s easy to add shortlinks to your typical social media output and boost your footprint quickly. I recommend adding a variety of shortlinks pointing at every web page you have ever generated, and share those on blogs, websites, comments, and with your mates on facebookinstagrammediumbloggerwordpresspinterest, etc.

Adding a shortlink to a social media post online

Adding a shortlink to your home page, as you add something hilarious on Facebook, is a bonus. Someone might click it. But google isn’t scraping private Facebook pages, or much of Facebook what so ever.

So, post again on google+ for example, like below:

It’s important to rank a website and get traffic on your website. Your website. Not someone else’s website.
Shortlinks, will help you rank.

With that said, let’s discuss URL shortening.

Google is good at counting shortened links

It counts how many quality links point at your website. So like the whiteboard above:

We can pretend — “5 links” a google robot counted.

🤖”five links”

If you’re a website with..

🤖”no links”

You aren’t selling boxes 📦.

Url shortening

Everyone says URL shortening is all about counting clicks, customizing your links, making links more actionable, etc.

What most people don’t tell you is that “shortlinks rank websites better.”

Ifyou want to know why people use URL shortening services, how I learned about URL shortening,…etc.

I wrote a little “url shortening wiki,” and hope to bridge an entrepreneurial gap with you today.

So, scroll beyond the list of link shortener services and read through the url shortening wik at the bottom of the blog. It helped me rank on google for complex terms and generates free leads.

Here’s the list of url shortening services – I’m going to explain below, show you what it looks like, and get you started.

#1) Google URL Shortener —

Google URL Shortener is the ultimate of all short links services.

It’s currently one of the first “big names” to retire their service completely and progress it to a thing called “deep linking” — which essentially says, some people want to link you to their application, and not just a web page. I’m using as the first example because it’s a good point to make, sometimes shortlink services stop! Google will continue the links, but some will not and it’s important to treat shortlink generation like a video game, otherwise it’s very boring and a bad investment of time.

Just because shortlink generating service is dead, does not mean you can not get shortlinks generated to help you diversify your SEO portfolio. It’s not the best solution, but find a friend or someone with access, and ask them for a couple of links. Do it before March 13, 2019.

You can contact me, will be happy to build you a couple! Contact me at or

What’s cool about this inactive service is that you will find out more about newer versions of the technology google is looking to implement in place of this service.

#2) Hootsuite’s —

Hootsuite acquired, I think, I don’t know. is easy, signup, they don’t spam you, go to your dashboard, the link builder is easy enough to click around and figure out — also you can schedule posts to social media here. has been around for a bit and Hootsuite’s founder has a good story to go along with his success, which makes it cool to support the company by generating links.

Hootsuite is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008.[6]The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedInGoogle+ and YouTube. is a short version of a link, that isn’t all that short, but what’s nice is it’s easy enough to generate a few links quickly, and that’s helpful.

#3)’s — is a nice little link counter with a great interface for users who want to drive the needle. The other two click counters above are also helpful, powerful, but I think takes the overall cheese from a usability perspective.

If you’re in the market to spend a little money, I would start here, the free version works plenty and it’s the best option for customizing links currently.

Bitly is a URL shortening service and a link management platform. The company Bitly, Inc.was established in 2008. It is privately held and based in New York City. Bitly shortens 600 million links per month,[3] for use in social networking, SMS, and email. Bitly makes money by charging for access to aggregate data created as a result of many people using the shortened URLs.

Check out that link! > 43 clicks!

I posted it directly to a twitter post, aiming at increasing the conversion.


I posted it on LinkedIn too. Here’s the data captures.

This post went viral on twitter.

Without, I would not be able to understand what links are being clicked.

Check out the data coming from Twitter. counted 1 less than twitter.

Impressions on twitter and link counts.

1705 impressions, 14 engagements, 15 or 14 total clicks going to the blog post about Sentiment Analysis.

The math offers conversion rate based on my output. I can start catering my content to be more like this post, as it worked more than other posts, which I was able to quickly identify and check with

#4) Tinyurl’s —

Tinyurl offers a shortlink service similar to others but with less of a sexy gui wrap. They offer a python version which enables you to auto generate shortlinks. isn’t pretty but it gets the job done.

Follow along and learn how to automate making shortlinks with python using tinyurl’s code library.

#4) WordPress’s — “Get Shortlink”

WordPress has an option to generate a shortlink when you’re in the editing mode on your post. If you don’t have a couple WordPress blogs, you may want to know that it’s free and a cool place to learn about blogging.


WordPress allows you to generate a free website within their “” domain! It’s called a subdomain but let’s not get into that today.

Here’s a blog at, just below the TITLE you see the Permalink? To the far right of that link is a “Get Shortlink” button.

Blog post for finding and replacing text or numbers in a csv using python.

If you open the “Get Shortlink” ->

A shortlink from wordpress!!!

Highlight that text and copy paste it as your next link to this blog!

Shortlink from wordpress!!

How to make a backlink.

If you’re looking to learn how to generate a backlink, above should help you understand that the base install of wordpress will have that button available. Also, the free version of wordpress @ allows you to do a similar workflow!

You can find it while you’re generating your first post! It’s easy to start, and don’t pay for anything at the start!

  1. Post settings
  2. Expand Sharing
  3. Copy link:
Finding shortlink in the free wordpress subdomain.

If you don’t have a wordpress blog, get one! You can reblog your content there, use the tags efficiently, and people will be able to find your content on the other medium/social-platform.

#5)’s — application is a simple text input that makes webpages + links.

You can use it to keep track of your links and it’s free!

I’m throwing it in here because you can use it to be a sort of “landing page” of your signature links. offers a place to save your shortlinks!


Also, sort of looks like a shortlink.

#6) Tiny’s — URL shortener is not the most attractive URL shortening service and it works.

I like this service because it offers a free custom link builder.

You don’t need to customize like this…


You can also use their “native” link.

I enjoy the size of this link, must be relatively new!

Check out the size of the link:

More from, and how they recommend using tiny urls.

One of their pitches:

“Measure the conversions for links and understand your traffic with Tiny’s statistics. We can help grow your audience and increase traffic. Shorten a link for your ad campaign and track it. Hide a link. Have an address that you don’t want to reveal… such as an affiliate link? Cloak and redirect it — the recipient will only see a short address containing the domain. Make a link to your online survey or invitation. And Tiny has more advanced tools such as a traffic filter that is perfect for marketing, surveys or research projects.”

#7)’s — a URL Shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs! offers a free URL Shortener and it’s nothing crazy, until you see the stats! is a simple URL “compression” lol

Shortening 1,298,339,529 URLs
That have been accessed 63,903,074,539 times

Crazy numbers, 63 billion accesses. A little math will explain to you how heavily used appears to be!


Also, you can add custom keywords in your link. To generate link, with a keyword.

Custom links with “your shortened url”


#8)’s — It’s more than just a URL shortener service.

It’s a short link service. I like their webpage title though!

Nothing pretty and it works!

Shortening links at is quick and easy, not sexy!

It offers a custom suffix and allows you to edit on top of that custom coded suffix.


Soo meow. appears to let you generate custom links, which is another plus if you’re looking to pad your keywords into your shortlink.

#9)’s — shortlink service, Create your QR code with statistics

If you need a funny looking square code thing, this offers that functionality.

If you want to walk through a process of generating an account to generate a link, it is a next step to build a link.


Shortlinks available once you signup. It took me <1min to signup and copy the shortlink and test that it works! is a QR code service by QR GmbH. The QR GmbH was founded in 2011 and is specialized in QR codes.

The main focus lies on the surplus value for our users. Here you create a dynamic QR code unlike many simple solutions. We offer many advantages: For example you can change the target URL of your QR codes later and view detailed statistics about the QR code calls. Our QR codes are optimized so that they can easily be printed and captured.


#10)’s — URL Shortener — URL Shortening Service is the fastest and easy way to share (so they say on their website), save, track your links. You can use via our website or you can download browser extentions. You can create also custom short url if You wanna get easy to remember url. uses powerful webservers so all Your links works extremly fast.

Nothing pretty and it works!


If you need to diversify, give a try!

So, here’s the wiki on url shortening. Scroll down to learn more.

In my url shortening wiki you will learn about:

  1. The basics of shortening links
  2. Why you should shorten links

I learned about link shortening… while frustrated.

Here’s my durp face.

Entrepreneur, loaded on coffee, competitive, and good with data — I took to Search Engine Optimization like a fish in water.

I learned about shortlinks and all the different short link services, and the ranking power associated to these shortlinks, while beating several major companies in google ranking.

Was eager to start a family, needed to learn how to drive traffic, and I noticed google keeps track of links from shortlink websites.

Learning about URL shortening was primarily for SEO purposes because it was important to beat others in ranking to build, and

Before you get started, I recommend you try to treat building short links, tiny urls, and short link services.. like a game!

Gotta catch em all.

You need to get all the short links, all of them, gotta catch em all, and hope your pokemon ball doesn’t break.

Sometimes pokemon balls break, the link breaks, which means you need to choose what pokemon ball store you buy from.

If a shortlink service decides to stop providing the service, you might lose your links pointing at your domain. Let’s discuss everything in more granularity below.

Okay, last thing about pokemon and shortlinks.

The game requires you to run around, and capture pokemon, as a collection.

If you collect a lot of shortlinks, pointing at your blog, website, service page, or content online that you want to RANK higher. You will rank higher. Shortlinks carry a lot of SEO power and help you boost your ranking on searches such as GoogleBingYahoo, etc…

Drake is catching a lot of links making rad music.

Why do I even shortlink?

  1. Shortlinks make big links less ugly.
  2. If you send someone a long link, they will think you are crazy.
  3. A shortened version of a URL can generate data.
  4. Shotened URLs offer customization, increasing click chances!
  5. Because you want to rank a URL higher on a search engine. (most of you)

The basics of shortlinks and why people shortlink.

You will send someone that big link…

“Hey John, here’s that link-

You might not know this but John hates you right now.

It’s not your fault, you may have never seen a shortlink service or even know how people generated tiny links. Luckily, you’re wise and eager to learn how to keep John’s happy.

Oh, and next time, just send John the damn picture.

Aww cute picture, deserves a cute link. I won’t link to this page because it’s garbage with click bait and viruses. Who doesn’t love the internet.

Okay, if you made it this far, you’re probably interested in understanding the basics and “why would someone use a shortlink?”

Cute dog pictures aside. Let’s get started.

Did this catch your attention? At least read the following if you’re trying to learn about link shortening, and why people even…

Use shortlinks, tinyurls, link shortening, etc. if you want people to…

You will use shortlinks if you want people to…

be your friend.

to click your link.

buy you a birthday gift.

read your ‘coaching’ blog.

listen to your damn remix.

funnel to your email scheme.

Or come to your band’s show.

Or download a PDF about getting rich quickly.

Now, you’re a complete link shortening genius and writing down all the great reasons to use a little link, tiny url, whatever!!!

Quiz: is this link below short?

This link is long and ugly: AND UGLY.

Answer: this link is not short.

The next link is short…

This link is shortened:

Short links are better.

Short links are better when you need to show off the link.

Shortlinks are better because they are inviting, explains what you get, and doesn’t look like spam.

Also, if there’s a service to capture the amount of clicks, we could identify the same link two times on 1 website, email, etc… To understand what people click the most.

A story: I applied to hundreds of jobs and had a link to my portfolio. It wasn’t until I started learning about shortlinks, where I was able to understand if people speaking to me, read my resume, and if they did read my resume, what links did they click in my resume. Without knowing your audience and their habits, how are you expected to convert the user to a customer, check if your employee clicked on a link you sent them, or question people reading your resume because they clearly didn’t click to see your portfolio… Hmmm…

Let’s start building short links!

Free shortlink generators or URL shorteners are free, free of course because why would I pay for a redirect!?

You can build your own version of small URLS on your domain rather easily with most web developer tools/plugins.

But you can also use one or several shortlink tools available online. It typically takes 2 to 5’clicks and boom you have a shortlink!

You can make our own short links on your domain. But this stuff works too.

For example, I used to rank on Tableau Consulting in 140 countries, in the top 5 on google. I learned about shortlinks while trying to catch up to all the cheating happening in these searches.

Using shortlinks is a strategic way to beat cheaters, Each link is a +1, and google keeps track of what people are clicking on in your article — but without a different link, to count, how can I tell you clicked on this link, or this link to our tableau consulting squeeze page?

It’s important to diversify the links,..

Because google counts these as direct links pointing at your domain, every link is a +1. Your competitor only cares about links, not where it’s coming from, so the outlier is, don’t cheat like them!

The google algorithm is programmed by measuring the amount of links out there. Every link takes them to a new source of data, a new page of html. The shortlink service or URL shortener offers you the ability to generate a link that takes you wherever you program the traffic to go.

Generally, 🤖these shortlinks last forever. If the webmaster or creator of the service decides to kill it, all of the links die. It’s a risk — so play with caution and excitement.

Finding a shortlink service that works, is like running into a digital kind of pokemon, and you gotta catch’em all. Some will escape, buy better poke balls.

Did you enjoy the comprehensive list of shortlink generator services?

Hopefully you enjoyed the list, if you’re looking to learn more about things I blog about, check out

6 things Successful People Do Unsuccessfully.

6 things Successful People Do Unsuccessfully.

Hello, Tyler here. In today’s blog, I want to discuss 6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

Mostly, I see people trying to make dogs work as a brand.

Just kill that dead already, dogs are great but don’t jam them into every part of your life. Never know how good it could have tasted if you had gone with a regular brand or logo.

I’ve seen entire companies crumble under the weight of a bad branding idea, like this dog food non-dog food.

Branding so bad, you make a sign to say it’s for people.

Check out this tasty snack, lol, felt like I was eating dog food. Terrible branding idea. The snack was good, but the branding was bad enough to discuss.

About my unsuccessful successful life.

I started working around 14 years old because I wanted to buy things.

I want people to know who you are, so let me tell you what I see others doing poorly. So you can learn from their mistakes.

In the last 4 months I’ve analyzed over 500 businesses and spoke to roughly 200+ CEO, VP, or some executive title.

Companies that range from 20million to 1billion in annual revenue.

And I’ve been consulting for nearly a decade, in the enterprise business intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics space.

Websites cost <$30. 😂So, if you don’t own website yet, you’re getting behind daily.

Buy your domain today. I use Google Domains.

If you’re stuck on facebook, instagram, etc… It’s time to move on. You don’t own the domain names, and at any point you could be banned.

People are usually only able to scale their success, if they can control their own personal ego. Ego isn’t a bad thing when it comes to building a new thing or being an entrepenur.

People need an ego to get where you are, confidence, and you need to lose it to get further. I speak from experience.

Here are 6 things you need to consider to become successful.

  1. Successful people are not always right, that works enough to get you to this juncture
  2. Rarely do I see anyone doing really well… who also understands how to monetize it, so don’t stress that problem today.
  3. They do not understand the value of investing money back into the business, you’re not an investor, delegate to people who understand.
  4. Their fear of failure keeps you from progressing.
  5. The fear of unknown keeps you from changing.
  6. The fear of success.. is one I’m still learning to overcome. I’m learning you can’t force success and finding a ‘network of people’ who support your crazy ideas, is key. Because most people only want to see you FAIL.

Last tip, they don’t know when or how to ask for help.

You know what you know.

Until someone shows you another way.

How to be more successful with your failures

Learning how to be more successful is a wash if you’re focused on fans or success. Failure is what helps me drive success. I’ve failed millions of times and now I’ve learned to fail trillions of times, in a split second.

Not magic, just tools. Went to college. Grinded.

Now I wear dumb shirts under my business meetings. 😂

(My first time in Toronto.)

If you want to start an idea, try WordPressWeeblyInstagram, YouTube, and be fucken consistent.

  • WordPress is free, easy, personal blog, whatever you want.
  • Weebly is free, easy, whatever you want, Blog.
  • Instagram is free and mostly bots.
  • Better to blog, Facebook ain’t shit.
  • Tell your friends about this, it maybe what they need.

Something every day, share it on every platform. Ask people for feedback. People who will give you a hammer. Not a pillow. And improve.

No deadlines, this ain’t school, you click edit, and it doesn’t suck as much when you edit… thousands of edits… it’s okay. 👌

Download medium, it’s free. What’s the hold up, you don’t need to put your social security to get an account. Tell your stories and watch yourself talk in video.

You only need 5 mins a day, get behind a camera, and do what ever you want.Just be real.

Don’t quit your full time job when starting your second grind.


Tyler Garrett

Dad, husband, nerd, tableau consultant

Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

It’s weird that blogging about other blogging topics has made blogging pretty exciting again.

Before I was blogging about pure technology and that’s it.

Blogging is easy if you get started soon!

I never really shared much about my opinion on other topics and after awhile, digital marketing felt like chasing a bull.

An image from austin zoo by tyler garrett - blogging about random topics is a good way to start blogging image

My sons first trip to the zoo offers a great way to find new things to talk about, exciting pictures to add to my journey, and of course, pictures relating to the text is key.

It would take me days, hours, never minutes, and never truly feel creative if it’s repetitive blogging.

Does it take days? Hours? Minutes? How creative are you if you’re not blogging about more than one topic?

  • Taking forever to release content?
  • Maybe you need to make content that isn’t so complicated?
  • Have you tried writing about something more exciting or interesting?

The data does not lie – it just takes a long time to make sense of what to do with the data. And boy let me tell you, if you have an idea right now, and started blogging about it, by the end of the year you could very easily be generating multiple sources of revenue.

Also, one looming fact…

My friends and family ain’t gonna read nothing about some technical shit, but share a picture of my baby or an animal, well now you’re blogging. Play to the market baby!

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to read more than a little bit of the post, then let me at least explain one more thing before you bounce. Don’t mess with the bull unless you want the horns.

What I mean by that… If you build the pipeline of traffic, people will keep coming and expecting you to be at the end, and if you’re not willing to support the business, it will crumble.

Blogging about blogging, traveling, or nothing is much easier from an output perspective.

There’s an interesting amount of anxiety and stress that comes with blogging about one topic.

So, don’t start that way. Also, just start, you should blog about trying to start. Fight against the fear of the unknown is another piece of this but because I know it, and I wish I started earlier because it’s bloody easy.

Hopefully, you’re picking up what I’m trying to put down, blogging is easy.

Blogging is easy, so stop waiting for someone to give you a winning lottery ticket.

Seriously, waiting is the worst possible mistake you can make if you have the desire to get ahead.

There was a pressure to building my own business and the pressure was because of all the unknowns and fact content online that never teaches you the true path to monetizing your time.

Almost like releasing a song I produced. Then sending it to someone via email.

Hoping they actually open the email, let alone listen to 100% of the song.

A pressure from a digital perspective with very few logical steps to take, a mindful of information, and a bunch of digital marketing non-sense from “thought leaders,” who don’t really know what’s happening.

Early on building my first few blogs…

My day-to-day grind before Tyler Garrett dot com, it felt like a gradient of decisions, and nothing really stuck out.

Plus, trying to isolate on a single topic is not very exciting because our lives aren’t 100% focused on one topic.

We are not gradient decision makers, we are dynamic decision makers, and tend to lean more towards success.

Basically – Single topic blogging disables the ability to really share much beyond that single topic. Especially if it’s your business.

And from a digital marketing perspective, it’s boring building thousands of links that say “something service.”

But Tyler, I have a Face of a Troll.

did you know that bloggers don't need to be sexy like this llama We can't all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces. Maybe instagram isn't your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging?

We can’t all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces, or butts, for money on Instagram, and maybe Instagram isn’t your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging? It’s cool, Instagram is full of fake account bots and you only get 1 website link.

I believe enjoying blogging again is key to my sanity.

I used to walk and blog. Voice to text about technology. I believe enjoying blogging is key to giving yourself an outlet to talk to someone.

Without whiteboarding your ideas on paper, how do you progress your ideas, and how do you move from where you are today?

Have you considered blogging yet?

Feel free to contact me for free startup advice.


Other blog at –

Are you more techie? Learn how to use python to generate shortlinks.

4 Things You Need to Know About Expectation Setting

Do you want to be more successful with people you interact with? Let me tell you about a little buddy of mine called expectation setting. Also, I have pictures of our cute dog Charlie and a story about how he likes to poop inside.

After nearly a decade of learning expectation setting. I’ve only been teaching other consultants, customers, and friends for the last few years… but never wrote about it until I took a walk with my home wrecker dog, the inside pooper.

Expectation setting is free and an extremely powerful tool often not considered when working with other people.

What do cute dogs and expectation setting have to do with each other?

What do cute dogs and expectation setting have to do with each other?

Setting your expectations on my blog.

My goal with this blog is too quickly explain four easy to remember concepts. Setting expectations can be simple.

On this blog, you will learn 4 helpful tips with setting expectations.

You made it this far, you’re interested in improving yourself, just like me. You have a knack for picking up new things and learning is important to you.

Am I wrong?

Working with humans is essential to success.

Setting peoples expectations or knowing when to adapt to their expectations is critical.

Both are equally significant.

Become a social engineering hacker.

You need to be a social engineering hacker. Learning these simple tips below will get your mind thinking about new ideas.

I am not telling you to go bowling with everyone to become there friend.

What I’m saying is, you need to be able to social engineer your way through life, and you can’t do that without reading what others have done successfully.

Let’s begin.

#1 storytelling sets expectations

It is natural for people to tell stories. When you are nervous, convincing someone, explaining your side of a situation, and millions of other reasons.

Building a relationship with your audience is very helpful if you want humans to trust you.

I’m walking my dog Charlie right now because I do not want Charlie to poop inside of the house. When Charlie poops in the house my wife gets upset.

Charlie has set an expectation the family needs to follow. Otherwise, through cause and effect, we have a negative impact at home.

Pooping inside.

Charlie the pooping expectation setting

If expectation setting needed a mascot, here’s Charlie. Charlie wants to poop inside.

We have some conditional logic to follow in order to keep the home life suitable.

If we don’t take Charlie on walks, we have to clean up poop in the house. When I take Charlie for a walk, I am still picking up poop, but my wife is happy.

Pooping outside is preferred but Charlie likes to poop inside - setting expectation blog post

Charlie poops where ever Charlie wants to poop. Lighting makes a big difference.

Saying the phrase, picking between two evils, is easy to say but without a good poop story… Sometimes your audience may not necessarily be engaged in your communication.

Engaging humans will help you in life. Talking with no purpose and losing your audience is not a good use of your time.

Building a relationship with someone on the fly is not easy. Telling somebody a poop story they can relate to makes;

  • building a relationship
  • having successful communication
  • or closing a big deal…


It’s not your fault, we as humans are not used to quickly trusting other people because we have past experiences that are not always positive.

I stepped on dog poop. This was not a very positive experience. I don’t trust Charlie.

#2 ask your audience what they expect.

Out of thousands of people that have relied on me to help them, not one of them would have been upset if I asked them what they expected of our time together.

Maximizing time with other people becomes more and more important as you get older. When you start building a family, working with executives, or dealing with your dog’s poop.

Here’s the flip side of that thought process.

Having a clear understanding of what others expect out of you professionally is invaluable.

The better you get at your job the more people can expect out of your capabilities. But even at your peak professionally, you need to be able to set clear and understandable expectations for everyone.

#3 have expectation goals to set

If you need to set expectations with a human, keep it simple. Chances are most people are not as intelligent as you are, and most people are intimidated by intelligence.

Have a goal before going into your meeting, don’t treat it like a high school project.

Before I founded dev3lop, I built another company with a group of people. One of the guys in the consultancy decided to take on a meeting with a customer, without fully preparing for his presentation.

If you treat a professional engagement with another person like a high school project, you will not be very successful. Always be prepared 24 hours before your meeting.

I literally had to tell the guy, “This is not high school, this is a multi-million dollar business asking guidance with a $200k decision, and your working on the presentation 30 mins before the meeting?”

If the presentation isn’t done before the meeting, chances are you’re not considering what others expect out of your work.

Pro tip: Focus on the how what, and why. Complete work 24hrs before the deadline. Strive to find easy ways to set an expectation and also what to expect next.

#4 next steps – what to expect in the future.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, consider what is important for the future. If you want them to maintain a relationship with you, verbalize your next steps as a team.

“Let’s take a walk tonight Charlie. I want to pick up your poop outside.”

I’ve failed more than succeeded, which makes success easier to find.

A new post on a new domain.

A new post on a new domain.

Hello readers, yay a blog post. A new post on a new domain.

Welcome to and thanks for reading my first new post on a new domain. is a free resource and a personal blog founded by Tyler.

A new post usually consists of a little context about what you want your blog to be about.

I believe a few topics will suffice.

  1. Technology Demos and walkthroughs.
  2. Growth Hacks and safe SEO tips.
  3. Photography and free stock images.
  4. Music, Mixes, Remixes, etc.
  5. Using data and data visualization to discuss topics.
  6. Guest blogs.
  7. Interviews.

New posts and new domains moving forward…

My new posts will be about tech, photos, music, growth hacks, and data related to these topics.

My family saying hello from a blue bonnet field in Texas.

My family saying hello from a bluebonnet field in Texas.

Guest blogs will be a place where I will beg some genius to say a few words on a topic or two.

An interview will be a similar case. I’m going to bug people I meet while traveling to answer a few questions on the fly or hopefully people will use the website to sign up for interviews and I will stop bugging strangers.

What’s your next new post going to be? [Nerd Alert]

I’ve been quietly journaling offline for the past few months, mostly technology related, as I’m learning Alteryx’s platform, and boy I’m excited about the future posts too.

Just last week I learned how to use APIs without programming and it wasn’t complex.

So hopefully I will be writing about API usage, a user-friendly guide to using APIs, and sharing the data I’m able to grab.

Next post ideas, I need an idea!

Getting idea’s for posts can come in a lot of fashions, like writing about a hotel you stayed in, taking photos, and giving it a rating.

Another idea is using an automated system to give you ideas.

Have you heard of content or idea generators?

You give it an idea. I used weird stuff as my idea.

  • How
  • Weird Stuff
  • Made Me
  • a Better Person

I bet you could write a story that fits the title.