Moog Synths, The Little Emotional Creatures

Moog Synths, The Little Emotional Creatures

Moog synths. Our friends. Our Creatures.

People ask me, “what do you like about your synth?”

“How is this synth, compared to that synth?”

It’s a lot like asking me what the best Tableau consulting company is, I have no idea really, but I think I don’t suck at it too much. I’m willing to blog about that stuff, emotionally charged at times but always willing to go back and edit after I push out 5k words about a bunch of nothing usually…

Emotionally charged, similar to my analog stack.

Not like a tech stack, that i normally discuss. But it’s not that different too.

Having worked for every synth, never gifted a synth, and worked long hours, years, decades… (to earn my synths)

Fighting to turn on an analog synth, patiently getting better and better in my Daw of choice, ableton. It feels good to have them together. They are a team, an emotional group of analog synthesizers.

“What do you like about your synths?”

I love the journey to get synths, my life story. 

As I love each synth, equally.

Moog synths, or any synth, is a big deal. They don’t grow on trees and it takes a lot of work to own your own music studio. I set myself on a mission in college, to build my own studio, and my next mission in life is applying myself, and making music. But the journey did not start here, it started many years ago, playing flute in Louisiana, when I was 8 years old. But that’s not what this blog is about. Let’s get back to it.

My studio after 10 years of grinding. Feb 2018.

“What do you like most about your synths?”

Impossible question – every user experiences a Moog synth differently.

You might find yourself deep into the complexities of a Moog Sub37, more enjoy the modular retreat, the engineer aspect, of a Mother 32.

What is a moog synth?

A moog synth is something we teach and learn from.

A moog synth is a hand crafted creature, built by engineers, product developers, project managers, developers, admins, managers, and thought leaders. Moog is more than a synth to the users. Here’s my Moog story.

What’s a moog synth, to we.

We teach you to pulsate with the beat, without FX, allowing you to completely live.

Moog synths need air but under the right restrictions or limitations, it will quickly impress any artist.

But some times we compress our Moog Synths…

We compress the mother fudge out of you…

Other times.

We remove the compression.

And let it win… all while trying to find that perfect balance.

From my old instagram.

Moog synths sound best with friends.

Moog Synths are like little creatures

Living and breathing through out the track, and through out our studios.

We are still learning about each of you too, some of these synths beyond our moog synth, for some, are actually older than us.

My first studio setup in Austin, TX. In June, 2014. Only owned 1 synth.

Most days, these moog synths teach us to be better producers, better musicians, better artists, better people.

We have a weird thing with our personal synths, little personal pets, little creatures that require love & attention… and drum machines, it’s like a relationship.

We work to keep them living. We provide electricity, they provide emotions.

So, we try not to give our Moog synths limitations…

We all love the experience, having a Moog synth – is ownership of a hand crafted, or hand repaired, creature.

Some synths, simply living on the edge of death because the previous owner didn’t take care.

But now Moog synth, now you are in my studio, we will take good care of you.

Welcome to the party.

You can check out my free loop and sample business, @ Starting to build a music label within Musicblip as of last week. Excited to release more soon.

SOHN’s BBC Radio 1 – Broadcast #1 – Track list

SOHN’s BBC Radio 1 – Broadcast #1 – Track list

SOHN’s first BBC radio show was an utter classic. You have hits from Deadbear, Caribou, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and many more. Find a full track listing & links to the artist/song, below the embedded player.

You can use the embedded player below or jump to souncloud here.

Track playlist, by SOHN, and links documented by Tyler Garrett.

  1. KRNE x TastyTreat – Clouds
  2. Deadbear – Snow in Tokyo
  3. Caribou – Our Love
  4. Seinabo Sey – Pistols at Dawn
  5. BANKS – Alibi
  6. Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  7. Allan Kingdom – Wavey (feat. Spooky Black
  8. Jacuzzi – Curtain Call (P A T H REMIX)
  9. Fantastic Mr. Fox – You-Turn (Feat. Kid A)
  10. Arca – Thievery
  11. Fyfe – Solace
  12. TOKiMONSTA – Realla (feat. Anderson Paak)
  13. Шура – Just Once (HONNE Remix)
  14. SBTRKT – Higher (feat. Raury)
  15. Les Sins – Bother
  16. Oceaán – Grip

These tracks helped inspire what I built at, which is essentially manually generated loops and samples on analog synthesizers. Our goal is to rank for free loops on google. It’s 100% non-profit, just trying to get some high quality content in the world of producers. Already adopted in every country. Feel free to check it out! Or DM me on twitter, if you get stuck.

Sound Volume 1.01 | Music by SOHN, Hello I am #SOHN.

Sound Volume 1.01 | Music by SOHN, Hello I am #SOHN.

SOHN – Their show starts in 10 minutes and I’m 20 minutes away.

I walked into the show, half awake, eyes glazed over from a long nap…

I was running on empty, hungover from night before, the show already started…

I ordered a triple whiskey, who knows how long it will take before I get to the front of the venue.

Someone named Christopher Michael Taylor is playing, he goes by the name of SOHN…

Finding tunes can be challenging and I don’t always have an application or subscription to music. Rather, music can be found online, in several places online. Thanks for reading my random series that will likely not get any traction, except for my personal usage…

by tyler garrett

“Hello, I am SOHN.” Christopher said on the microphone. I turned around, a massive crowd of people, I’m the only person buying drinks… No one is paying attention to anything except SOHN… I thought..

Damn who is this guy? (turns out it’s a band, very talented live band)

Music by SOHN has always kept a special place in my heart.

SOHN’s music has always been a special thing for me growing up as a music producer and of course randomly seeing his show because I randomly took a job that just happened to place me in this one place in time…

Maybe it wasn’t that random?

It was during Bootcamp at Tableau Software, or during the sales kick off. Regardless, it was a new experience – I never traveled to Seattle before and a random guy invited me to a show.
(Yes, I built a tableau consultancy after working at tableau)

It was great to see a live electronic performance, being that I have been collecting gear and producing music for a long time, it was refreshing to see someone playing their gear live too.

I just started learning about playing instruments live and recording my output, as it’s an advanced phase you get into in music production in technology, where you need to learn to avoid “showing off” by doing TOO much on the computer, simply because you can…

What got me into live music similar to SOHN?

Seeing SOHN live was a special occasion.

A small venue.

Turns out the guy is utterly massive outside of the USA.

Not just a guy tho, remember it’s a band.

For me, getting into live electronic performances started with my own music production needing help. I was desperate to get past writers block. I was collecting gear but not feeling it when I was producing. Maybe it was all the gear getting in my way, maybe it was in my head, maybe I just needed a better set of mentors growing up?

For me… It all started with a band called MINILOGUE, a rather niche duo, check them out.

Being as human as possible – they call it. A means of avoiding “too much” and doing “just enough” to keep your music hypnotic. Keep it simple and make them dance.

SOHN’s BBC radio appearance has left a big mark on my ears

SOHN appeared once on BBC, and DJed a few shows. His sound cloud is carved out like someone who doesn’t want you to hear his music but luckily he has a few classic BBC mixes available on his Soundcloud, which is really the only reason I still frequent the failed company that is soundcloud.

  1. SOHN BBC Radio 1 – Broadcast 1 – Track List
  2. coming soon
  3. coming soon
  4. coming soon (sorry it takes awhile, thinking about automating documenting the links with python VS manually building)

SOHN’s BBC mixes are solid.

Utterly solid, get on it. Felt like pandora before advertisements, constant knock out tracks from artists I’ve never heard of.

SOHN is that good.

Favorite these or save this blog. I promise you are going to hear tracks you have heard before but had NO idea where they came from, luckily SOHN is sure to tell you when it’s his track or not, he essentially narrates every mix.

“hello this is SOHN” my wife and joke.

If you’re an artist, stuck on soundcloud, like SOHN, it’s not your fault. You don’t know what you don’t know. But I need to mention… You can check out an alternative to soundcloud, and bet your own boss.

Back to this SOHN Blog… Meh, time to share links to SOHN.

Singles on by SOHN, all killer tracks, instant classics!

A new post on a new domain.

A new post on a new domain.

Hello readers, yay a blog post. A new post on a new domain.

Welcome to and thanks for reading my first new post on a new domain. is a free resource and a personal blog founded by Tyler.

A new post usually consists of a little context about what you want your blog to be about.

I believe a few topics will suffice.

  1. Technology Demos and walkthroughs.
  2. Growth Hacks and safe SEO tips.
  3. Photography and free stock images.
  4. Music, Mixes, Remixes, etc.
  5. Using data and data visualization to discuss topics.
  6. Guest blogs.
  7. Interviews.

New posts and new domains moving forward…

My new posts will be about tech, photos, music, growth hacks, and data related to these topics.

My family saying hello from a blue bonnet field in Texas.

My family saying hello from a bluebonnet field in Texas.

Guest blogs will be a place where I will beg some genius to say a few words on a topic or two.

An interview will be a similar case. I’m going to bug people I meet while traveling to answer a few questions on the fly or hopefully people will use the website to sign up for interviews and I will stop bugging strangers.

What’s your next new post going to be? [Nerd Alert]

I’ve been quietly journaling offline for the past few months, mostly technology related, as I’m learning Alteryx’s platform, and boy I’m excited about the future posts too.

Just last week I learned how to use APIs without programming and it wasn’t complex.

So hopefully I will be writing about API usage, a user-friendly guide to using APIs, and sharing the data I’m able to grab.

Next post ideas, I need an idea!

Getting idea’s for posts can come in a lot of fashions, like writing about a hotel you stayed in, taking photos, and giving it a rating.

Another idea is using an automated system to give you ideas.

Have you heard of content or idea generators?

You give it an idea. I used weird stuff as my idea.

  • How
  • Weird Stuff
  • Made Me
  • a Better Person

I bet you could write a story that fits the title.