Moog Synths, The Little Emotional Creatures

Moog Synths, The Little Emotional Creatures

Moog synths. Our friends. Our Creatures.

People ask me, “what do you like about your synth?”

“How is this synth, compared to that synth?”

It’s a lot like asking me what the best Tableau consulting company is, I have no idea really, but I think I don’t suck at it too much. I’m willing to blog about that stuff, emotionally charged at times but always willing to go back and edit after I push out 5k words about a bunch of nothing usually…

Emotionally charged, similar to my analog stack.

Not like a tech stack, that i normally discuss. But it’s not that different too.

Having worked for every synth, never gifted a synth, and worked long hours, years, decades… (to earn my synths)

Fighting to turn on an analog synth, patiently getting better and better in my Daw of choice, ableton. It feels good to have them together. They are a team, an emotional group of analog synthesizers.

“What do you like about your synths?”

I love the journey to get synths, my life story. 

As I love each synth, equally.

Moog synths, or any synth, is a big deal. They don’t grow on trees and it takes a lot of work to own your own music studio. I set myself on a mission in college, to build my own studio, and my next mission in life is applying myself, and making music. But the journey did not start here, it started many years ago, playing flute in Louisiana, when I was 8 years old. But that’s not what this blog is about. Let’s get back to it.

My studio after 10 years of grinding. Feb 2018.

“What do you like most about your synths?”

Impossible question – every user experiences a Moog synth differently.

You might find yourself deep into the complexities of a Moog Sub37, more enjoy the modular retreat, the engineer aspect, of a Mother 32.

What is a moog synth?

A moog synth is something we teach and learn from.

A moog synth is a hand crafted creature, built by engineers, product developers, project managers, developers, admins, managers, and thought leaders. Moog is more than a synth to the users. Here’s my Moog story.

What’s a moog synth, to we.

We teach you to pulsate with the beat, without FX, allowing you to completely live.

Moog synths need air but under the right restrictions or limitations, it will quickly impress any artist.

But some times we compress our Moog Synths…

We compress the mother fudge out of you…

Other times.

We remove the compression.

And let it win… all while trying to find that perfect balance.

From my old instagram.

Moog synths sound best with friends.

Moog Synths are like little creatures

Living and breathing through out the track, and through out our studios.

We are still learning about each of you too, some of these synths beyond our moog synth, for some, are actually older than us.

My first studio setup in Austin, TX. In June, 2014. Only owned 1 synth.

Most days, these moog synths teach us to be better producers, better musicians, better artists, better people.

We have a weird thing with our personal synths, little personal pets, little creatures that require love & attention… and drum machines, it’s like a relationship.

We work to keep them living. We provide electricity, they provide emotions.

So, we try not to give our Moog synths limitations…

We all love the experience, having a Moog synth – is ownership of a hand crafted, or hand repaired, creature.

Some synths, simply living on the edge of death because the previous owner didn’t take care.

But now Moog synth, now you are in my studio, we will take good care of you.

Welcome to the party.

You can check out my free loop and sample business, @ Starting to build a music label within Musicblip as of last week. Excited to release more soon.

Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

Enjoying blogging about other blogging topics is pretty blogging.

It’s weird that blogging about other blogging topics has made blogging pretty exciting again.

Before I was blogging about pure technology and that’s it.

Blogging is easy if you get started soon!

I never really shared much about my opinion on other topics and after awhile, digital marketing felt like chasing a bull.

An image from austin zoo by tyler garrett - blogging about random topics is a good way to start blogging image

My sons first trip to the zoo offers a great way to find new things to talk about, exciting pictures to add to my journey, and of course, pictures relating to the text is key.

It would take me days, hours, never minutes, and never truly feel creative if it’s repetitive blogging.

Does it take days? Hours? Minutes? How creative are you if you’re not blogging about more than one topic?

  • Taking forever to release content?
  • Maybe you need to make content that isn’t so complicated?
  • Have you tried writing about something more exciting or interesting?

The data does not lie – it just takes a long time to make sense of what to do with the data. And boy let me tell you, if you have an idea right now, and started blogging about it, by the end of the year you could very easily be generating multiple sources of revenue.

Also, one looming fact…

My friends and family ain’t gonna read nothing about some technical shit, but share a picture of my baby or an animal, well now you’re blogging. Play to the market baby!

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to read more than a little bit of the post, then let me at least explain one more thing before you bounce. Don’t mess with the bull unless you want the horns.

What I mean by that… If you build the pipeline of traffic, people will keep coming and expecting you to be at the end, and if you’re not willing to support the business, it will crumble.

Blogging about blogging, traveling, or nothing is much easier from an output perspective.

There’s an interesting amount of anxiety and stress that comes with blogging about one topic.

So, don’t start that way. Also, just start, you should blog about trying to start. Fight against the fear of the unknown is another piece of this but because I know it, and I wish I started earlier because it’s bloody easy.

Hopefully, you’re picking up what I’m trying to put down, blogging is easy.

Blogging is easy, so stop waiting for someone to give you a winning lottery ticket.

Seriously, waiting is the worst possible mistake you can make if you have the desire to get ahead.

There was a pressure to building my own business and the pressure was because of all the unknowns and fact content online that never teaches you the true path to monetizing your time.

Almost like releasing a song I produced. Then sending it to someone via email.

Hoping they actually open the email, let alone listen to 100% of the song.

A pressure from a digital perspective with very few logical steps to take, a mindful of information, and a bunch of digital marketing non-sense from “thought leaders,” who don’t really know what’s happening.

Early on building my first few blogs…

My day-to-day grind before Tyler Garrett dot com, it felt like a gradient of decisions, and nothing really stuck out.

Plus, trying to isolate on a single topic is not very exciting because our lives aren’t 100% focused on one topic.

We are not gradient decision makers, we are dynamic decision makers, and tend to lean more towards success.

Basically – Single topic blogging disables the ability to really share much beyond that single topic. Especially if it’s your business.

And from a digital marketing perspective, it’s boring building thousands of links that say “something service.”

But Tyler, I have a Face of a Troll.

did you know that bloggers don't need to be sexy like this llama We can't all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces. Maybe instagram isn't your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging?

We can’t all look like a 10 out of 10 and take pictures of our perfect faces, or butts, for money on Instagram, and maybe Instagram isn’t your cup of tea. So, have you considered blogging? It’s cool, Instagram is full of fake account bots and you only get 1 website link.

I believe enjoying blogging again is key to my sanity.

I used to walk and blog. Voice to text about technology. I believe enjoying blogging is key to giving yourself an outlet to talk to someone.

Without whiteboarding your ideas on paper, how do you progress your ideas, and how do you move from where you are today?

Have you considered blogging yet?

Feel free to contact me for free startup advice.


Other blog at –

Are you more techie? Learn how to use python to generate shortlinks.

The 6 Best Resources for Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

The 6 Best Resources for Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

Mount Bonnell is a beautiful view that every Austin Texas visitor or native should notice. In this blog post, we are going take you on a journey of Mount Bonnell, and at the end, we will give you 6 relevant links to learn more about one of the best views in Austin Texas.

Charlie enjoying the breeze at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

Charlie enjoying the breeze at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas.

To ensure you’re prepared for the journey ahead of you, bring water, get the address saved in your phone, and check out our blog post on Mount Bonnell, a classic view in the Live Music capital, Austin, Texas.

Mount Bonnell Hiking is Beautiful

Enjoy the lush scenery that is Austin’s Mount Bonell, also know as Covert Park. Photos by my wife Isabelle and myself, Tyler Garrett.

Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas header image at

A beautiful view of a few at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas.

Mount Bonnell is managed by the Austin Texas Government.

  • Covert Park at Mount Bonnell is a 5.1-acre historic linear park with a prominent overlook that is one of the most visited sites in Austin.
  • Mount Bonnell is a 775-foot-high outcrop along the eastern shore of Lake Austin.
  • The peak of the overlook is a craggy limestone outcropping surrounded by a forested area of live oak, ash juniper, persimmon and mountain laurel that spans the slope between Mount Bonnell Road and the trails at the top of the park.

Here’s my new desktop on my laptop. It’s worth the trip and small hike up a set of stairs.

Mount Bonnell with my family; beautiful wife Isabelle and Andoni our baby boy

My beautiful family and desktop background image.

Mount Bonnell overlooking cliff great place for photography

A cliff in the park. Mount Bonnell offers sweeping views on the main trail.

Getting to Mount Bonnell is a small hike! Bring the backpack.

Here’s my wife and son, hiking up Mount Bonnell.

We walked a few flights of stairs to get to the views above and if you’re looking to get to the view, be prepared for a little hike!

Mount Bonnell going up the stairs to begin the breif hike up to Mount Bonnells amazing views

PRO TIP: The parking lot was interesting and if you keep driving past everyone parked, you will find parking past the main staircase closer than everyone else! Bring water and a snack because it’s a little bit of a hike.

That wetness in the picture is DOG PEE… Mount Bonnell Dog pee…

Charlie hanging out at Mount Bonnell with his tribe, dog picture smelling green plants

Mount Bonnell hike up offers a few great places for your hairy friends. Meet Charlie, our little sassy dog.

Dancing at Mount Bonnell with my son

Dancing at Mount Bonnell with my son, Andoni.

I got moves at Mount BonnellI got moves at Mount BonnellI got moves at Mount Bonnell

The stairs aren’t too bad! As you get to the very top of the hill, you’re a few stairs away, don’t get your hopes up, and keep on moving to the top.

The stairs at Mount Bonnell

The stairs at Mount Bonnell and Tyler Garrett with his baby boy.

Mount Bonnell stairs with Tyler Garrett and his son Andoni Garrett

Mount Bonnell stairs with Tyler Garrett and his son Andoni Garrett.

Plenty of places to relax at Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas!

If you need to take a break, at the end of the trail you can sit on one of many rocks, rock benches, etc.

Park you butt on these rocks at Mount Bonnell

Park your butt on these rocks at Mount Bonnell…

Mount Bonnell has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view, here teaching my son about clouds.

Mount Bonnell has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view, here teaching my son about clouds.

Learn about Mount Bonnell:
While part of the allure of Austin includes over 300 days of sunshine per year, those visitors and new residents with more urban experience might find themselves intimidated by the unbelievable variety of outdoor activities that the city has to offer. Whether you’re here for the day or plan on sticking around for a while, Mount Bonnell is a great place to get your outdoor adventures started and witness some of the incredible views the city has to offer. Check out some quick tips for the short hike! Mount Bonnell for Beginners… more

Beautiful park looming almost 800 feet over Austin.

Mount Bonnell with the family!

Mount Bonnell with the family!

4.5 out of 5 scores @ TripAdvisor with 1,375 reviews!

Trip Advisor scores range between Excellent and Terrible.

  • Excellent — 58%
  • Very good — 31%
  • Average — 9%
  • Poor — 1%
  • Terrible — 1%
Hours: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
LOCATION: 3800 Bonnell DrAustin, TX 78731-5846

Mount Bonnell history

Before the establishment of Anglo settlements in the 1830s, Mount Bonnell was traversed by Native American tribes who lived in the area and may have recognized the defensive utility of the sites great height and views. The earliest written account of Mount Bonnell is an 1838 journal entry by George W. Bonnell, a soldier, and journalist.

Mount Bonnell stair case - Tyler Garrett holding his son Andoni

More stair cases images with my cute kid!

In 1840 Julia Lee Sinks described the area, “The knolls beyond the quarry branch were interspersed with timber, and sometimes though not often, we would see galloping past the open spaces beyond the blanked Indian. The path along the quarry branch, secluded as it was, became their main inlet to the town. It was a sheltered road, never traveled at night by whites, so the Indians claimed right of way, and all full moons brought moccasin tracks in abundance” more

Finally 6 resources about Mount Bonnell.

Here’s a list of other places to learn more about Mount Bonnell.

  1. Tripadvisor.
  2. Austin Texas Gov.
  3. Austin Texas Org.
  4. Wikipedia.
  5. Yelp.
  6. Austin Parks Org.

Tyler Garrett with his amazing Family at Mount Bonnell!

Tyler Garrett with his amazing Family at Mount Bonnell!

The Only Hotel Irvine Review You Will Ever Need – Irvine California

The Only Hotel Irvine Review You Will Ever Need – Irvine California

Here’s a review of Hotel Irvine in Irvine California. The City of Irvine has a Population of 266,122 (2016) and you’ll notice that if you happen to book your hotel room with a good view.

Beautiful view in irvine california from Hotel Irvine

Here’s a great view I captured with my camera. Each night offers a spectacular view.

Hotel Irvine is a beautiful hotel, massive palm trees surround the building, and walking around the area is a relaxing experience.

Everyone working the front desk is helpful and I’m sure asking for a good view will work too.

Taking images outside of Hotel Irvine in Irvine California. It's dark with gold lights showing the beauty of their landscaping.

I enjoyed walking around the hotel at night. The weather gets a little cold at night so be sure to bring a light coat.

Want some tunes to listen to while you check out this review? Enjoy the live performance from Kiasmos.

You just got to Hotel Irvine…

First, let me guess, most of you are probably traveling to Hotel Irvine and may not want to go get dinner outside of the hotel.

No worries they do late night hand foods. Room service is fast, they charge it to the room, and the food is very affordable.

Snapped a quick picture of the entrance of Hotel Irvine in Irvine California.

Snapped a quick picture of the entrance of Hotel Irvine in Irvine California. These pretty succulents make me feel like I’m back in Texas.

The hotel lobby has art, some plants, a bar, a few lounges, a gym, and a place for weddings & private events.

Hotel Irvine and the Market Place are a great mixture.

Generally, Hotels have a little menu or dining area. Hotel Irvine offers a dining area and a secondary place to get food called the Market Place.

You can phone in late night room service and they will personally go grab you goodies inside of the store too.

Water, pizza, panini, soda, fancy candy, etc.

You know you like pizza when you order it twice. The margarita pizza at Hotel Irvine is delicious.

You know you like pizza when you order it twice. The margarita pizza at Hotel Irvine is delicious.

I personally enjoyed the pizza so much… I ate pizza two nights, one night after the next night.

I’m a little piggy.

Or I’m just a big fan of pizza?

Let me get back to the review – the view is amazing. Hopefully, you have a balcony view.

Another beautiful sun set in Irvine California @ Hotel Irvine!

Another beautiful sunset in Irvine California @ Hotel Irvine.

Hotel Irvine Market Place is truly delicious

My first night I was surprised by how yummy the food was at Market Place in Hotel Irvine. The pizza was pitched over the phone as ‘extremely good’ and I also had a bit of a sweet tooth too.

Ask the person on the phone to grab their favorite snacks too. I gave the guy a spending limit and was pleased with the results.

Ask the person on the phone to grab their favorite snacks too. I gave the guy a spending limit and was pleased with the results.

When the bill came to the room, I was blown away that I was completely full with only $15.

Hote Irvine isn’t overpriced like other California Hotels.

If you’re reading this and wondering, “How the hell did you spend $15 in California, on dinner, at a hotel!”

Well, my response to you is – they simply have good prices and good food. After a few 100% travel jobs, I want to say this is one of my favorite hotels in a few years.

The Market Place is yummy and affordable is the tip of the iceberg at Hotel Irvine too.

Let me explain why!

If you enjoy walking – let me show you around Hotel Irvine.

Walking around Hotel Irvine is worth your time.

Let’s explore together. Here are a few pictures were taken walking around inside and outside of Hotel Irvine.

Hotel Irvine - taken by Tyler Garrett at outside palmtree

Palm Trees outside of Hotel Irvine are massive.

Hotel Irvine - taken by Tyler Garrett at outside palmtree

A few Palm Trees just outside of the outdoor dining.

Artwork at Hotel Irvine in the main lobby.

Art work in the front lobby at Hotel Irvine. Almost as if something is growing on the canvas.

A bar in front of the breakfast and dining area @ Hotel Irvine. By Tyler Garrett @

A bar in front of the breakfast and dining area @ Hotel Irvine.

By tyler garrett at Hotel Irvine.

A close up of a plant in Hotel Irvine.

Green succulents - taken in front of Hotel Irvine by Tyler Garrett

I love the succulents @ Hotel Irvine. Here’s a better look at their front lobby plant.

Let’s walk away from Hotel Irvine and enjoy the view.

Walking around Hotel Irvine is equally enjoyable as being a guest. There are a lot of lush gardens and amazing little walk paths within 200ft from the hotel entrance.

Join me!

Can you find something inspiring outside of Hotel Irvine?

I’m putting you to the test – try to find something beautiful and inspiring around Hotel Irvine. If you’ve read this far, you may even leave a comment about what you found, in the comments below.

Here’s what I found.

Being around Microsoft, Coca-Cola and other big headquarters is a great feeling, and being in the technology industry for nearly a decade has really made me appreciate these little things.

I’m not surprised these companies have an HQ in this location, it’s beautiful here in Irvine California.

I didn’t expect to find these headquarters on my walk, I had no idea where I was going, and it turned out to be a very inspiring walk.

I’m excited to bring my wife and son here next.

Hotel Irvine was a great hotel overall and I’m excited to return.

A new post on a new domain.

A new post on a new domain.

Hello readers, yay a blog post. A new post on a new domain.

Welcome to and thanks for reading my first new post on a new domain. is a free resource and a personal blog founded by Tyler.

A new post usually consists of a little context about what you want your blog to be about.

I believe a few topics will suffice.

  1. Technology Demos and walkthroughs.
  2. Growth Hacks and safe SEO tips.
  3. Photography and free stock images.
  4. Music, Mixes, Remixes, etc.
  5. Using data and data visualization to discuss topics.
  6. Guest blogs.
  7. Interviews.

New posts and new domains moving forward…

My new posts will be about tech, photos, music, growth hacks, and data related to these topics.

My family saying hello from a blue bonnet field in Texas.

My family saying hello from a bluebonnet field in Texas.

Guest blogs will be a place where I will beg some genius to say a few words on a topic or two.

An interview will be a similar case. I’m going to bug people I meet while traveling to answer a few questions on the fly or hopefully people will use the website to sign up for interviews and I will stop bugging strangers.

What’s your next new post going to be? [Nerd Alert]

I’ve been quietly journaling offline for the past few months, mostly technology related, as I’m learning Alteryx’s platform, and boy I’m excited about the future posts too.

Just last week I learned how to use APIs without programming and it wasn’t complex.

So hopefully I will be writing about API usage, a user-friendly guide to using APIs, and sharing the data I’m able to grab.

Next post ideas, I need an idea!

Getting idea’s for posts can come in a lot of fashions, like writing about a hotel you stayed in, taking photos, and giving it a rating.

Another idea is using an automated system to give you ideas.

Have you heard of content or idea generators?

You give it an idea. I used weird stuff as my idea.

  • How
  • Weird Stuff
  • Made Me
  • a Better Person

I bet you could write a story that fits the title.