Calm before the storm, Government Shutdown

Calm before the storm, Government Shutdown

The calm before the storm, the grumbling of millions of American people, and the protest of a government shutdown.

Meanwhile, France is taking it to the streets.

And bringing entire cities to a standstill.

Poetic. And we are the ones who like to “fight for what is ours.”

American’s have always been the big kid on the play ground, teaching everyone how to play fair and nice.

Yet, we shutdown over a wall, a device used to help Trump remember parts of his speech because he wasn’t good at memorizing anything.

The wall was a gimmick used to help Trump remember to talk about immigration. He instead used it to hype his low IQ crowd. It stuck, now it’s going to help him win another election, and keep his 1% benefactors happy.

The only thing the president is good at, is reading from a teleprompter and wearing a suit.

2019, January, The 1st Government Shutdown

In 2019, January, we are celebrating our 1st government shutdown!

We should be protesting but it doesn’t seem to be a high priority for our citizens. So, they have taken to social media.

Luckily, or unluckily, 800k government employees are going unpaid. These employees know exactly what to do to protest. It’s a good start…

But… is protesting what we need at this point?

We are protesting but is this what we need?

Is it too late?

Is it effective?

  • France protesters bring the entire city to it’s knees.
  • American protesting gets a few likes on Facebook.

Did we miss our chance?

Is this the calm before the storm… 

A government shutdown, not “the government shutdown.”

Calling it “the government shutdown” would mean to say we think the government will only shutdown this one time.

It’s likely we will see this happen every time Trump wants his way.

Remember, the biggest voting class of people today are voting for someone that logically makes my brain hurt.

Here’s what everyone voted to keep in office, and this is what Americans are not really protesting very much against today…

Here it is… When Trump doesn’t get his way, millions of people starve.

The calm before the storm… That feeling when we know we pressed our luck, spent all the money, and shut it down. The reason all the media is going to show you a lot of other insane content, is to keep you from following the 1% billionaire class. These are the people giggling as we fight each other over emotional media.

This feels like the calm before the storm.

Do you think we are going to protest our way out of the wall, 2 years after the election?

Good grief we need to open up or American history books, don’t we?

We think things like “a wall” will be a solution.

Boy are we wrong. A wall to the government is a symbol of dominance over the lowest IQ bracket in our country.

Gender, age, hobbies, etc.. data…

All at the finger tips of every politician that knows to outsource to smart people.

Census data, scraping web pages, paid data subscription, or using Facebooks illegal data harvesting tools too. Oh, and Facebook got away with this too, they did this 100% legally as of right now, they gave away your sensitive private data for years and now, all of a sudden, are completely immune to being fined or consequences.

GDPR does not seem to care about Facebook right now, they are scared to go to war with Facebook, but seems to be picking on Google as of this week.

But what does all this data have to do with the wall?

Well a wall isn’t exactly gerrymandering – but it is similar.

The wall is giving the uneducated, media fueled, or media enriched class of people, fear.

Fear and for those who support the wall, hope.

When you mix fear, and hope, you get American media.

The wall has become a tool to earn more votes and lure unsuspecting low IQ voters into a emotionally fueled rant on the internet.

Fake media is being pushed into the eyes of every home, every television around the United States is tuned into hear more about children dying

I like to call this current media fad, the calm before the storm, play with your emotions while bigger problems are relevant.

We know this story, this hat.. But do you know it’s a distraction? A school who lets their students paint black faces on their face during basketball games.

If you think these events are bad, or crazy, you have another thing coming.

We live in a world of “this is what they want you to see.”

The information is going to blur your vision when it hits the fan, this is not the event, these are not the big events, these are the light hearted events before the storm.

The Government Shutdown

Think about the cause of the problem in America, or most countries.

Media has generated false narratives at every corner, and most of the world thinks the TV is the biggest invention of their life time, most of that world votes and the rest do not vote.

The youth have not shown up to vote, and still are coming in at very low numbers.

Even though the youth out number the adults, they still lack thought leadership that goes beyond pouring a beer on a Lamborghini.

It’s what rich people do.

Not knocking 50cent, rather I’m using 50cent as an example of a good thing gone bad. 50cent has every right to pour beer on his tax right off, but at the same rate – he could be telling his 22million followers about something that would progress their lives positively. But at the top of his game, this is as far as he has gotten. 22million fans and zero progressive thought leadership.

But Tyler, 50cent gives money to charities.

Yeah, 50cent gives money to charities as a tax write off, so that he can enjoy his free toys VS paying the government taxes. Giving money to a charity is a loop hole for rich people to skip paying taxes, making buying this Lambo at the end of the year, right before giving money to the charity, a smart investment in a depreciating asset.

(which isn’t smart but his fans will never understand the difference)

They want you to be distracted by the “effects” today…

They want you to get excited about 50cent, his 22million followers, and his thought leadership towards spending money and partying. He’s the perfect tool for rich Americans to distract everyone.

They want you to get excited about the football game.

They want you to focus on the latest Netflix series.

They want you to ignore the fact that the Government is the cause of the problem.

They are spending a lot of time painting a different narrative.

A false hope narrative.

The cause is right under your nose.

But you’re busy with all the distractions.

People in power made a rapist a lifetime member of the Supreme Court.

It’s the label of every show on TV, “Government… Shutdown.”

The Government failed, and if you think it shutdown because it needed a wall, then you don’t know how the government works.

And that’s the major issue we have today, we have a group in the governing body that does not know how the government works today.

But the effects make our emotions perk up and say WTF is this… and share, click, impressions…

yellow vest movement
yellow vest movement

What’s next with big media?

The big storm that catches everyone by surprise is coming down the pipeline. You know it’s coming, so stop kidding yourselves that this is as bad as the news will get. It’s likely we will have another 4 years of this because when it came time to vote again, people simply did not show up and vote.

So, do you think we are ready?

Are you ready for an event as big, or bigger than 9/11?

It’s about that time. It’s time for the war machines to cash in.

Did you know we sent nearly 60 missiles at a country?

Did you know the president owns a part of the company.

Did you know that they could not tell where most of the missiles landed?

Did you know that other countries said our attack was ineffective.

According to the claims of Russian defense ministry, the “combat effectiveness” of the attack was “extremely low”;[45][46] only 23 missiles hit the base destroying six aircraft, and it did not know where the other 36 landed.[47][48]

wiki article

As a society, we just gave a lot of money to a small, tiny percentage of people and took away vital services to help those who need the help.

The government shutdown is the most ironic action any president could take to build a wall but the national security does not seem to be a problem in the eyes of the current president.

The government being shutdown is a massive threat to our national security on a thousand different levels.

That’s the problem. Cause or effect? National security under threat, 800k people without a paycheck, and more numbers to come…

Always… more we will find out eventually..

So much of it most people will never comprehend.

It’s about that time and it’s easy to forecast these events.

When was the last time we has a major war, school shooting, unexplained event… It’s about that time.

I hope my family and I are far from these events. Yours too. 2019 is going to be a bumpy road.

By tylergarrett

Having a baby, we both know when we are pushing it too much…

Like when we both know we are pushing the limits of his nap time or his baby patience.

It’s cool, I’m also not very patient as a person.

800k people not being patient is about to be very different.

Keep track of the news.. It will change quickly.

People are currently protesting outside of McConnell’s office.

But what does that mean?

If they can’t control the narrative, what does that mean for our near future. Remember media is for profit, paid news…

So what is there we can take for truth?

Other than numbers?

800k is a big number. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of contractors not being paid. These people play vital roles. And now can’t feed their children.

News about the shutdown should not be something to profit about but it is right now…

People, 800k are now being starved from work. Paychecks. Bills.

Food is going to be something people will consider protesting about.

In some countries now, there’s a lot more protesting happening than media is willing to admit.

You can search about what’s happening with yellow jacket protestors

But before you leave my blog…

It’s 1/24/19 – I predict something very big is going to happen during this shutdown. Be safe. I would not recommend flying because it’s clearly a completely unresolved issues with the American government.

Something much bigger than the current wall conversation.

The wall is a media fueled agenda, it’s good for votes, and a wall has never been a solution.

It’s for profit. Not for the people.

The calm before the storm. This year is going to get bumpy.

EU yellow jacket photograph.
Python for beginners – pythonforbeginners – A Puddle of Trash Water

Python for beginners – pythonforbeginners – A Puddle of Trash Water

The domain pythonforbeginners or Python for Beginners, is a massive pile of trash water ranking on Python related terms… After building a bunch of websites, and learning to rank, I realize it’s not hard to rank with poor quality. But this is different. This place actually has pop up ads trying to fish people into downloading viruses.

So, from my perspective, Python for beginners is ranking, is ranking with the water from a garbage dumpster.

Today, they are considered authority – with a BUNCH of affiliate links, virus pop ups, and google ads. Yes, fishing popups suggesting to download viruses… Google is not the best source of information for a lot of beginner related topics. The owners at Python for beginners are not actually doing any of their own work too, they are copy and pasting from other websites, and the code is poorly explained, without any logical next steps or helpful links.

The entire websites looks as if someone automated it, poorly.

Because I am an overly emotional blogger who gives a shat about people getting quality content, I’m going to stop at nothing until I beat pythonforbeginners… out of whatever keywords I decide to aim at, and I will not stop at one! is a pile of trash water is a pile of trash water. They have click ads that are loaded with viruses, that trick try to trick unsuspecting people into clicking garbage, garbage faking to be Google offering updates… That’s how much of a pile of trash water pythonforbeginners truly is.

I learned list comprehensions from scratch, no mentor, no internet, on a laptop in Louisiana, down by the river!!!

pythonforbeginners is like a disgusting water vaporizer.

If you leave water in a water vaporizer for too long, the water turns into trash water. Similar to You let a keyword sit without competition, it turns into trash water.

During my vacation, I ran into a bunch of trash water blogs (with limited connectivity from my dads samsung galaxy phone) and so far, most if not all examples don’t explain variations or granular details, and the past few years I basically blog about every type of technology I learn along the process, so list comprehensions is no different than some rabbit dive I’ve done, professionally, but here – it’s all new and the help docs suck, big time! HOW?

Building better tutorials, with pound for pound better content, on a website built for helping new python developers. With data analysis, competitor analysis, web scraping, and tons of google data, I’m going to find exactly how to beat this trash water website.

What will Tyler Garrett be generating with this list comprehensions wiki? First of all – the 1st Badass tutorial on List Comprehensions – with overly explained stuff… Explaining how different code examples work, based on different usages of the code, with real world help…

A list comprehensions wiki that dominates pythonforbeginners insides and outsides, your trash water stinks.

Non-trashwater solution to learning, without affiliate links or poorly written blogs.

What’s cool is the competition is low, and the yield for me to learn python, and network with people who think quality content is king, well.. yeah, let’s network fam. I spend most of my time helping others, giving back, and blogging about complex things, in simple manners.

Follow their garbage twitter here:

6 things Successful People Do Unsuccessfully.

6 things Successful People Do Unsuccessfully.

Hello, Tyler here. In today’s blog, I want to discuss 6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

Mostly, I see people trying to make dogs work as a brand.

Just kill that dead already, dogs are great but don’t jam them into every part of your life. Never know how good it could have tasted if you had gone with a regular brand or logo.

I’ve seen entire companies crumble under the weight of a bad branding idea, like this dog food non-dog food.

Branding so bad, you make a sign to say it’s for people.

Check out this tasty snack, lol, felt like I was eating dog food. Terrible branding idea. The snack was good, but the branding was bad enough to discuss.

About my unsuccessful successful life.

I started working around 14 years old because I wanted to buy things.

I want people to know who you are, so let me tell you what I see others doing poorly. So you can learn from their mistakes.

In the last 4 months I’ve analyzed over 500 businesses and spoke to roughly 200+ CEO, VP, or some executive title.

Companies that range from 20million to 1billion in annual revenue.

And I’ve been consulting for nearly a decade, in the enterprise business intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics space.

Websites cost <$30. 😂So, if you don’t own website yet, you’re getting behind daily.

Buy your domain today. I use Google Domains.

If you’re stuck on facebook, instagram, etc… It’s time to move on. You don’t own the domain names, and at any point you could be banned.

People are usually only able to scale their success, if they can control their own personal ego. Ego isn’t a bad thing when it comes to building a new thing or being an entrepenur.

People need an ego to get where you are, confidence, and you need to lose it to get further. I speak from experience.

Here are 6 things you need to consider to become successful.

  1. Successful people are not always right, that works enough to get you to this juncture
  2. Rarely do I see anyone doing really well… who also understands how to monetize it, so don’t stress that problem today.
  3. They do not understand the value of investing money back into the business, you’re not an investor, delegate to people who understand.
  4. Their fear of failure keeps you from progressing.
  5. The fear of unknown keeps you from changing.
  6. The fear of success.. is one I’m still learning to overcome. I’m learning you can’t force success and finding a ‘network of people’ who support your crazy ideas, is key. Because most people only want to see you FAIL.

Last tip, they don’t know when or how to ask for help.

You know what you know.

Until someone shows you another way.

How to be more successful with your failures

Learning how to be more successful is a wash if you’re focused on fans or success. Failure is what helps me drive success. I’ve failed millions of times and now I’ve learned to fail trillions of times, in a split second.

Not magic, just tools. Went to college. Grinded.

Now I wear dumb shirts under my business meetings. 😂

(My first time in Toronto.)

If you want to start an idea, try WordPressWeeblyInstagram, YouTube, and be fucken consistent.

  • WordPress is free, easy, personal blog, whatever you want.
  • Weebly is free, easy, whatever you want, Blog.
  • Instagram is free and mostly bots.
  • Better to blog, Facebook ain’t shit.
  • Tell your friends about this, it maybe what they need.

Something every day, share it on every platform. Ask people for feedback. People who will give you a hammer. Not a pillow. And improve.

No deadlines, this ain’t school, you click edit, and it doesn’t suck as much when you edit… thousands of edits… it’s okay. 👌

Download medium, it’s free. What’s the hold up, you don’t need to put your social security to get an account. Tell your stories and watch yourself talk in video.

You only need 5 mins a day, get behind a camera, and do what ever you want.Just be real.

Don’t quit your full time job when starting your second grind.


Tyler Garrett

Dad, husband, nerd, tableau consultant

This dog..

This dog..

This dog.. loves pooping inside.

Can’t get enough of pooping inside.

While browsing the local austin gardening store, this dog.. pooped 4 different times.

One more just now, not sure where the extra poop comes from but at least not inside today..

This dog.. Pure joy. Pure poop.

It was a fun little hike around Austin with this dog.. he neeeds a good walking.

He’s not a one bag per hike type of dog. He’s basically pooping as much as some dogs mark.

This dog,. is a pooper…

I don’t know how much poop we can handle with this pup.. this dog..

This dog is full of poop

Seriously, this dog..

Charlie must have had an entire wheel of cheese.

Charlie played a big part in our lives and even though Charlie likes to eat poop and poop inside… we still like Charlie.

Sometimes this dog.. will poop a lot outside, and play silly for a few minutes then poop inside.

So, due diligence and lots of walks, bags, and praise will weather the storm.

Excited to watch you grow.

Excited to watch you grow.

Each day you become more real in my life. I’m waking up more next to you. With that said, “I’m excited to watch you grow.”

They may sound weird but when you have a kid, you will understand. With each day they get older, you connect more with the human behind the baby mask.

You are my new purpose, my breath, my air.

We are so lucky to have you in our life.

We are excited to watch you grow and…

I will always be there for you.

Today, you asked me about the artwork on your blanket. You asked me, what is this daddy?

You’re very inquisitive, you seek to peel things apart, then put them together once you figure it out, and I think you will find a lot of power in that skill as you get older. I’m excited to watch you grow.

So, I told you, “star.”

You didn’t ask “what is that daddy?”

You enjoy saying a phrase. It’s half of the word for a “ball” in Spanish.

Pelota. But you say the LOTA part, you say “GOAT-TAH” or “GO-TUH” or “GO-TOH” and a few variations of the phrase.





To be funny, I decided to tell you every star on the blanket. Rapidly.

“Star, star, star, star, star,…”

While I pointed down to the star on the blanket, I looked at you, you looked at me with excitement.

I point at another, quicker, “Star.”

The next five stars, even quicker!

and pointed at each star around you, over and over…

Stars are all around you, in the sky, in our universe, in our local galaxy, and beyond.

Oh, also on your blanket.

“Star, star, star!”

Watch you grow.

Then for the first time in your life, you made fun of me.

You pretended to do what I did, in the silliest and cutest way possible.

You stole the show with my own joke. I had to get moms attention, it was that good.

I really enjoyed the fact that you were being silly with me Andoni. I have a son.

We did this over and over, together.

You would act like you were pointing at a lot of stars and say a bunch of jibberish while laughing and doing cute little high pitch noises. You would put your face on your mom’s pillow and put your butt in the air and laugh and laugh.

It was the best part of my week.

In the end, you were just waving your arm around pretending to point and laughing your little butt off.

You’re an amazing child.

Side note from your growing, you’re also growing.

Also, a side note from growing, your brain is growing too.

You have been struggling to put shapes together in your toy, it consumes triangles, squares, circles, and stars.

I know deep down, I need to let you figure it out, but I keep seeing you have trouble with it.

and instead of watching you;

  1. struggle
  2. get frustrated
  3. throw the shape
  4. grab another
  5. try again…

I have been putting the correct one in front of you.

Yes, I think I’m helping you grow in this circumstance.

I’m thinking in my head, “higher win VS loss ratio will keep his morale up. Then he will learn it faster because he spends more time doing it correctly.”

I think that, as I rotate the toy so that you see the correct shape in front of you. It’s a tricky toy…

Son, you weren’t the best at this puzzle. Until today.

No sweat. It’s okay to be ‘not the best’ at a puzzle the first few times you try and the last time you try.

I’m terrible at everything the first time too, but as long as it’s fun, I’ll get better and so will you.

Trying is the important part and the quicker you fail 1000 times, the quicker you know how not to succeed 1000 times.

Today, I told your mommy, “I guess he’s not old enough where he can figure out how to put the shapes in the holes.”

Before your mom even explained that you’re old enough, you did it with a little flare. A slam dunk, shape to shape.

In a fast-paced digital age, it’s hard for two people to experience the same thing at the same time, this just so happened to be you doing a thing.

Thanks for building the experience for everyone here.

Your happiness keeps me up at night.

When I travel I text food pics to my wife. 

When I travel I text food pics to my wife. 

Do you ever get lonely and text your best friend a picture of your food? Maybe give them a review of it? When I travel I text food pics to my wife and give her reviews along the way.A Wawa coffee next to my wawa-water. A chicken quesadilla with chipotle sauce. 

Here’s the breakfast options at a hotel I stayed in, outside of LA.

Slim pickings for sure. 

Not like the burger place down the road. 


The burgers were too good.