None shall pass at Gus Fruh!!! #lotr Rockclimbing, hiking, bouldering, etc…

None shall pass at Gus Fruh!!! #lotr Rockclimbing, hiking, bouldering, etc…

GUS FRUH – None shall pass, None shall pass at Gus Fruh in Austin Texas!!!

My son grabbed a very warlock like staff. #lotr

He enjoyed playing in the water at Gus Fruh.

Runoff water from the most recent storm in Austin, Texas.

By the way… when it rains in Austin Texas, we get many nice attractions. Like Gus Fruh!

But be safe around the water when it’s scary, people have come up missing and found in the water.

So, be careful and don’t do stupid stuff in rapids after a heavy rain.

Gus Fruh was originally shown to me as a climbing wall, bouldering cave, and a bit of hiking.

For rock climbing at Gus Fruh, be on the lookout for a few good reads;

  1. – “Just Past the Fern Bar Wall, some Sport some Trad, routes listed from left to right.”
    • really goes all out when talking about Gus Fruh.
    • If you want to learn more about places on the Greenbelt, check out this page here.
  2. – Despite the fact this area contains some excellent walls and routes, it is not quite as popular as other areas such as Seismic or New Wall. This area is well shaded.
    • Because most of the clips start higher than most rock climbing places around Austin, Tx.
    • It’s not as easy to get to as other walls and new wall offers a lot of routes natives prefer.

My wife recently started going to the greenbelt and exploring. She found a great little swimming hole, the locals call it Gus Fruh!

This magic stick my son Andoni found also has some sharp edges, so I’m going around blocking face strikes.

You’re welcome future andoni face..

I had to make sure you didn’t hit these people too, they were all about the, “none shall pass at Gus Fruh!”

Gus Fruh was perfect for us or Rock climbers.

Gus Fruh is perfect for the family or rock climbers.

You really enjoy being outdoors more than indoors, when you’re feeling stressed or blue, be sure to take a walk outside, go to the park, and relax. You enjoy being outdoors way more than indoors, do what you can to enjoy the environment.

If you’re considering going to Gus Fruh, head there early before the hungover crowd arrives, and leave when they start appearing!

When the Internet turns off.

When the Internet turns off.

When the internet turns off, we are left to wait. When the internet turns off, it’s time to get analog again.

Off goes the light. When the Internet turns off, everything stops.

No more online meetings, no more emails, no more tweets, no grams, no messaging application, and online progress halts.

On the other end, the world is spinning, on my end, we are on hold.

Waiting for the Internet to turn on, my single point of failure.

Andoni points to the sky as a plane goes over, I mentioned to him, “Daddy was in an Airplane last week, Airplane. Airplane.”

Tyler Garrett holding Andoni Garrett outside pointing into the sky

Tyler Garrett holding Andoni Garrett outside pointing into the sky at an airplane.


Breakfast before an Uber Ride!

Breakfast before an Uber Ride!

Did you get a breakfast before an Uber ride? When you’re in a hurry and need to eat; grab a banana, eggs, potatoes, and coffee.

Throw your canon 6d on your shoulder, get on your phone, open uber, and try to find an uber close by.

Getting a breakfast while your uber comes is the key objective because ubers drive time analytics are a little bit off.

Did you know that you can cancel trips within 2mins of accepting a ride? If they are far away, you can cancel the trip, but I noticed it did not improve my chances of getting cars that seemed to be right next to me on the map.

Grabbing breakfast before an uber is a great way to kick the day off. 

Time how long it takes you to get finished eating and order your uber during your breakfast. 

Siena Cafe – A dog friendly cafe in Irving, Texas.

Siena Cafe – A dog friendly cafe in Irving, Texas.

Irving Texas dog friendly Siena Cafe. A nice little place in a shopping mall layout. I personally did not like any of the food and won’t be returning to Siena Cafe. (blogged on medium too).

We loved the fact that the staff was attentive to our needs, so I don’t feel bad about giving them good marks on customer service. It was entertaining and everyone was friendly. The fact that I didn’t enjoy the food does not mean their entire menu is gross.

Here’s how I would rate it. Pretend these full dots ⚪️ are stars. And ⚫️ is a lack of a star.

Giving it a 3 stars out of 5 total.

Siena Cafe – ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️⚫️

  1. Food – ⚪️⚪️⚫️⚫️⚫️
  2. Rules – ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
  3. Location – ⚪️⚫️⚫️⚫️
  4. Employees – ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️
  5. Presentation – ⚪️⚪️⚫️⚫️⚫️

Siena Cafe Location:

780 S MacArthur Blvd #100, Coppell, TX 75019

Siena Cafe Number:

(972) 462-1726

I enjoyed the presentation on my crepes but I did not enjoy the crepes. My wife really enjoyed her meal, she ordered pancakes with another dish.

It’s next to a nails, waxing, foot massage store, and walk-ins are welcome. (I’m reading the sign)

So, if you have your dog, family, a desire for brunch, and want your nails done – Siena Cafe ain’t half bad.

We are outside and the 15 month old is pulling our dog Charlie around by the the leash. He has finally taken over a task at brunch, a task I don’t enjoy doing.

I did not like my coffee, it was burnt. My eggs tasted buttery.

I needed to go inside in order to order.We were under the impression that our food would be very delicious…

Our dog Charlie really enjoyed the turkey bacon.

It was the only thing in my order that did not have butter on it.

Buttery hashbrowns… So delicious.

I don’t intend on doing bad reviews on my website, and usually just ignore the situation entirely. But I’m aiming at blogging about things that may be a little outside of the bubble.

My wife had a lot to say during this review, so I made up a joke with her about giving bad opinions about things.

If you have something to say, hit the button for Siri…
At least then someone will be listening to you.

He’s asking for more in sign language.

He thinks he wants coffee.

Feel free to redistribute on your blog with the following attached links.

long —

owly —

bitly — —


Driving from Austin to Dallas is…

Driving from Austin to Dallas is…

Driving from Austin to Dallas is a lot like driving from LAX to Las Angeles. Just kidding, I just happened to have the picture.

Driving from Austin to Dallas is necessary because we need to see different areas around Irving.

We are relocating to DFW for my new job at Alteryx.

I’ve made this trip so many times. Highway 35 sucks. Get ready for anything.

“I told you so.”

Look ahead of what you’re doing on 35, don’t get sucked into the glorious landscape, road construction, large trucks, big trucks, truck trucks.

Driving from Austin to Dallas is an exercise.

Like riding a bike.

You forget a few things on your bike, it takes a few minutes to figure it out, but a few minutes on highway 35 can make a massive difference.

A few minutes you will be able to see that you’re passing the last good exit to avoid an accident or weird event traffic.

If it’s SXSW. Wake up early and win.

Otherwise – don’t bother. Go back. Leave next week. Traffic peaks in Austin for any kind of event because the infrastructure has not improved, and the population has probably doubled.

Going from Austin to Dallas. You have a variety of good stops along the way. We prefer pet-friendly stops, ones with dog parks.

That may sound crazy but this highway is heavily traveled and this place is always packed. As most places on this highway are used to seeing a lot of through traffic.

Just because these towns can sustain your Austin to Dallas trip, doesn’t mean they can sustain a fender bender anywhere near these tiny towns.

Stay on the map application on your smartphone and look ahead. You can cut out hours of time by simply looking at ways to go around any bad traffic areas.

I’ve seen people shave off as much as 3 hours by keeping up with the map on their phone.

The 6 Best Resources for Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

The 6 Best Resources for Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

Mount Bonnell is a beautiful view that every Austin Texas visitor or native should notice. In this blog post, we are going take you on a journey of Mount Bonnell, and at the end, we will give you 6 relevant links to learn more about one of the best views in Austin Texas.

Charlie enjoying the breeze at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

Charlie enjoying the breeze at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas.

To ensure you’re prepared for the journey ahead of you, bring water, get the address saved in your phone, and check out our blog post on Mount Bonnell, a classic view in the Live Music capital, Austin, Texas.

Mount Bonnell Hiking is Beautiful

Enjoy the lush scenery that is Austin’s Mount Bonell, also know as Covert Park. Photos by my wife Isabelle and myself, Tyler Garrett.

Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas header image at

A beautiful view of a few at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas.

Mount Bonnell is managed by the Austin Texas Government.

  • Covert Park at Mount Bonnell is a 5.1-acre historic linear park with a prominent overlook that is one of the most visited sites in Austin.
  • Mount Bonnell is a 775-foot-high outcrop along the eastern shore of Lake Austin.
  • The peak of the overlook is a craggy limestone outcropping surrounded by a forested area of live oak, ash juniper, persimmon and mountain laurel that spans the slope between Mount Bonnell Road and the trails at the top of the park.

Here’s my new desktop on my laptop. It’s worth the trip and small hike up a set of stairs.

Mount Bonnell with my family; beautiful wife Isabelle and Andoni our baby boy

My beautiful family and desktop background image.

Mount Bonnell overlooking cliff great place for photography

A cliff in the park. Mount Bonnell offers sweeping views on the main trail.

Getting to Mount Bonnell is a small hike! Bring the backpack.

Here’s my wife and son, hiking up Mount Bonnell.

We walked a few flights of stairs to get to the views above and if you’re looking to get to the view, be prepared for a little hike!

Mount Bonnell going up the stairs to begin the breif hike up to Mount Bonnells amazing views

PRO TIP: The parking lot was interesting and if you keep driving past everyone parked, you will find parking past the main staircase closer than everyone else! Bring water and a snack because it’s a little bit of a hike.

That wetness in the picture is DOG PEE… Mount Bonnell Dog pee…

Charlie hanging out at Mount Bonnell with his tribe, dog picture smelling green plants

Mount Bonnell hike up offers a few great places for your hairy friends. Meet Charlie, our little sassy dog.

Dancing at Mount Bonnell with my son

Dancing at Mount Bonnell with my son, Andoni.

I got moves at Mount BonnellI got moves at Mount BonnellI got moves at Mount Bonnell

The stairs aren’t too bad! As you get to the very top of the hill, you’re a few stairs away, don’t get your hopes up, and keep on moving to the top.

The stairs at Mount Bonnell

The stairs at Mount Bonnell and Tyler Garrett with his baby boy.

Mount Bonnell stairs with Tyler Garrett and his son Andoni Garrett

Mount Bonnell stairs with Tyler Garrett and his son Andoni Garrett.

Plenty of places to relax at Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas!

If you need to take a break, at the end of the trail you can sit on one of many rocks, rock benches, etc.

Park you butt on these rocks at Mount Bonnell

Park your butt on these rocks at Mount Bonnell…

Mount Bonnell has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view, here teaching my son about clouds.

Mount Bonnell has plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view, here teaching my son about clouds.

Learn about Mount Bonnell:
While part of the allure of Austin includes over 300 days of sunshine per year, those visitors and new residents with more urban experience might find themselves intimidated by the unbelievable variety of outdoor activities that the city has to offer. Whether you’re here for the day or plan on sticking around for a while, Mount Bonnell is a great place to get your outdoor adventures started and witness some of the incredible views the city has to offer. Check out some quick tips for the short hike! Mount Bonnell for Beginners… more

Beautiful park looming almost 800 feet over Austin.

Mount Bonnell with the family!

Mount Bonnell with the family!

4.5 out of 5 scores @ TripAdvisor with 1,375 reviews!

Trip Advisor scores range between Excellent and Terrible.

  • Excellent — 58%
  • Very good — 31%
  • Average — 9%
  • Poor — 1%
  • Terrible — 1%
Hours: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
LOCATION: 3800 Bonnell DrAustin, TX 78731-5846

Mount Bonnell history

Before the establishment of Anglo settlements in the 1830s, Mount Bonnell was traversed by Native American tribes who lived in the area and may have recognized the defensive utility of the sites great height and views. The earliest written account of Mount Bonnell is an 1838 journal entry by George W. Bonnell, a soldier, and journalist.

Mount Bonnell stair case - Tyler Garrett holding his son Andoni

More stair cases images with my cute kid!

In 1840 Julia Lee Sinks described the area, “The knolls beyond the quarry branch were interspersed with timber, and sometimes though not often, we would see galloping past the open spaces beyond the blanked Indian. The path along the quarry branch, secluded as it was, became their main inlet to the town. It was a sheltered road, never traveled at night by whites, so the Indians claimed right of way, and all full moons brought moccasin tracks in abundance” more

Finally 6 resources about Mount Bonnell.

Here’s a list of other places to learn more about Mount Bonnell.

  1. Tripadvisor.
  2. Austin Texas Gov.
  3. Austin Texas Org.
  4. Wikipedia.
  5. Yelp.
  6. Austin Parks Org.

Tyler Garrett with his amazing Family at Mount Bonnell!

Tyler Garrett with his amazing Family at Mount Bonnell!