Here’s a quick walkthrough to help you understand how to install nodejs on your local computer, using the node.js installer provided on the website!

My installing node.js pain is your installing node.js gain.

Have no fear, I’ve been writing tutorials like this for a many years and excited to make this an easy way to learn how to install node.js on your macbook, macbook air, macbook pro, or whatever the hell they are calling the thing you’re using.

Our goals;

  1. Download node.js
  2. Installing node.js on your mac
  3. Making cool apps in node.js

We may not get to making cool apps today, however with some time, who knows what you can develop.

Download Nodejs from

Below I leave all the information for doing the node.js installation on multiple computers. I’m anticipating the blog will become my personal wiki.

Ready to download? Follow here to download node.js. If you are concerned of 32bit/64bit, more below, if not concerned, skip the next section.

Pick Mac operating system 64bit for any recent model computers.

You are aiming to download the LTS or “recommended for most users” version and it needs to relate to your computer. Consider we designed our blog for “MacOs” users.

a screenshot of, demonstrating what to click to download the macos installer .pkg for 64bit system

Maybe you are not sure if 64bit?

Determine what your computer needs for node.js installation

To install most things now-a-days on your little computer or big computer, requires understanding more about the computer. Crazy concept.

Take a peak, top left is an apple.

Click the apple.

top left of each monitor will be an apple to click.

Research shows if you have a computer >2007 from apple, it’s 64bit.

If the processor is an Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo, it’s 32-bit only. Here are the 64-bit Intel processors Apple has used in the Mac:

  • Core 2 Duo
  • Dual-core Xeon
  • Quad-core Xeon
  • 1 – Core i3
  • 2 – Core i5
  • 3 – Core i7
  • 4 – Core i9

Hopefully this helps you understand enough to make a quick next step. If not, leave a comment below and happy to offer help with your node.js install on your mac, as best as possible. By leaving a comment, I will be offer you help immediately. Offering you a chance to get past this hump quickly.

Download options for node.js

Latest LTS Version: 12.19.0 (as of oct 8,2020)

Download the Node.js source code or a pre-built installer for your platform, and start developing today.

Windows Installer (.msi)32-bit64-bit
Windows Binary (.zip)32-bit64-bit
macOS Installer (.pkg)64-bit
macOS Binary (.tar.gz)64-bit
Linux Binaries (x64)64-bit
Linux Binaries (ARM)ARMv7ARMv8
Source Codenode-v12.19.0.tar.gz
(relevant as of oct 8,2020)

Additional Platforms for node.js to be implemented

SmartOS Binaries64-bit
Docker ImageOfficial Node.js Docker Image
Linux on Power LE Systems64-bit
Linux on System z64-bit
AIX on Power Systems64-bit
(relevant as of oct 8,2020)

Screenshots of node.js installation!

I’ve found screenshots really help me see something at a glance and offer a medium of information that isn’t a big commitment.

For some reason, some days I don’t want to watch a video of someone doing a clickthrough. I have a good groove going and I need to keep my music on loud.

Did i mention installing node.js on macOs is easy? you got this.

You need 75.5mb of space to install node.js on your macos
i could change the directory but i wont because i have no idea where else to install node.js right now
needs your password to install node.js on your macos, no that’s not the amount of letters required to do my password, i do mores
writing files… yikes… i didn’t sign up for this… yes you did… almost done installing node.js on your computer… time to dance?
These bins look relevant and it’s suggesting that we add this to our $PATH, a good suggestion if we want to use it in the terminal I bet, unless we want to add these in front of the terminal command… here we go
okay, your node.js installation on your macos is completed, now move the installation thing in the trash, and if you need it again you can always open the blog and open it. i know ill be saving it as a favorite because chances are high i will need to reinstall my node.js, maybe keep it.

Will insert new content here, as I progress learning more about node.js.

Thanks for checking out my blog on how to install node.js on macos for beginners, using the installer from

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