Twitter is a social media platform with limitations to how much text you can post per post.

So, what is twitter? What is the point of twitter? I explain everything in detail below.

Twitter offers you the ability to dive bomb on a heated convo, drop your lingo, and never come back. You can effectively “pigeon poop” and fly away.

Twitter lets you use hashtags, which then syncs your content to the digital bath. A quick scrolling html page, where content comes to live for a period of time, then quickly becomes yesterdays old news. Some hashtags are “so heavily used” it is not possible to like all of the content within the set limitations of twitter.

Twitter limits you on how much content you can like, how many people you can follow, how many times you can reply, and how much you can tweet.

Tweet is another name for “post” or “publish.”

Twitter doesn’t allow editing, if you make a mistake you need to delete the post and start over.

The “most recent” usage of these words VIA hashtags is a great place to meet peers in your niche. If you know the right things to say, there’s likely a few people asking for help each hour and those are potential new friends, customers, etc.

Are hashtags important?

Yes, use hashtags as it connects you to a fast moving stream of data. The more hashtags you use, the more these web pages point at your content, this is a plus. All of your posts should have a hashtag because that’s how you sprawl your content across other web pages.

Are hashtags everything?


I’m going to teach you where hashtags don’t matter.

What I want to teach you is how to get active within the constant stream of data, where hashtags are used but “not everything.”

How is twitter helpful?

Twitter is helpful because you have a chance to “connect” with someone speaking about topics you care about.

You can also leave valuable information or insights, help other people, or recommend alternatives.

Twitter is a global sentiment on words, and hashtags being used today help classify your content. This is helpful for many reasons, let’s discuss one. Increasing your following.

What is twitter to me?

Twitter is fascinating to me as a business intelligence developer & digital marketing expert, who knows data, code, and how most “marketers” came to be.

Twitter is interesting, it allows others to initiate automation with others content, which enables them to learn about each other. I started programming in C++ Ultima Online as a kid, and now I help businesses solve problems, it has helped me gain recognition in a my hyper niche developing, engineering, #analytics industry.

Twitter gives you access to being a Hero or a Zero..

Twitter gives you the ability to jump into a conversation. – Gary Vaynerchuk

True, however if you do this wrong… Your hero card will be revoked.

Gary explains this in his article, however I want to murder it here.

Consider where you’re writing content, don’t judge people for what they are sharing, find a way to agree… Even if you disagree. We will solve more problems TOGETHER.

And dont…

  1. Don’t say basic stuff, no one cares about that.
  2. Don’t say anything if you’re going to say something basic.
  3. Have some self respect, don’t be a car sales person, no one cares about that.
  4. Don’t talk about your accomplishments, this isn’t your post, do that on facebook.
  5. Don’t make it about you, no one cares for that, make your own post for showing off.
  6. Don’t send people a LINK without having a casual chat/convo.
  7. Don’t spam.. You know it’s spam, I know it, and here we are, talking about spam in 2019.

Twitter has a lot of spam, don’t be that person.

Most people are doing this SPAM stuff to “get ahead” and rarely try to say anything with value or meat. Twitter is good at weeding those folks out, they don’t get many followers, and they post all time. (from a data perspective, i noticed this to be true)

People on twitter today are rather short, and since recent politics, everyone is debating or arguing the same points against each other…

Resulting in witty responses that lead you to their profile, and potentially a click on their profile link.

The point of twitter…

Profile clicks that lead to a conversion that is valuable to you.

Increasing measure values associated to your link is important. Like instagram, you get 1 profile link.

Conversion to you? Clicks on your website, someone reading your blog, downloading a file, using your app, signing up for future articles, etc… Otherwise you’re feeding content into the twitter domain, without any reward.

A link in the profile is important to telling robots what your account is associated with.

Robots read these measures of success and apply them to their algorithm. The more you increase your following, and the more your content is clicked/liked, the faster you will be able to rank for correlated keywords on this link to your website. Twitter offers these measure values and it’s also nested in the HTML.

Read more here; Learn to automate twitter and build your brand.

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