Farming for recruiter leads on is a task you can automate or do manually.

If you automate generating an increase in job opportunities with code, realize this attempt can appear spammy and you could lose your account because of your greed. So, be sure to minimize the “spam” look and feel to ensure you’re playing above the belt.

I’ve used both code and my hands to help me gain jobs at Fortune5 and below. You will need a good resume to land a job at a Fortune5 company. You will also need to do well in your interview. These are things that you need to perfect as you grow professionally and in this blog I’m not going to cover your resume or your interview skills.

I explain the steps to increasing job opportunities below and in the video. I also explain why they are important in this one blog post and I explain what farming means to you in Year-2020-Linkedin-world.

What is digital farming?

Farming is a lot like you would farm in a video game and that means you can automate farming by building macros & scripts. However you need to manually learn what to do by playing the game first. Before building a bot or automation in a video game, you must first fine the right edge to ride and learn it’s a powerful edge.

There’s farming game simulators, but it’s not “exactly” the same.

Not “farming food” but it’s very similar. You can buy more food if you get a good job, maybe my analogy stinks…

Digital farming is a way you can earn gold or points to buy something or attain something you could not attain without “farming gold” and this can be from literally planting plants and waiting, to fighting skeletons, to fishing in an ocean, to literally crafting a fake piece of bread in a fake world online…


You’re given a mission. The ways to complete it are opinionated & dependent on your input.

Imagine grinding up a skill class or learning how to bake bread.

Both paths require time, grinding, and farming away at what works best.

Making bread requires farming. You couldn’t beat this analogy if you tried.

Most people in the video game world will start to do what works best.

What works best for the team or personal goals. Gamification of winning requires getting good at native features and understanding their values. To begin winning faster.

Learn to win better trying things.

And optimizing as you go.

Most people making bread will try different ways until they are more successful and people don’t just say they enjoy their bread.

i promise this isn’t about bread

images from pexels, a free website with pictures and stuff.

I spotted a trend on linkedin

The trend is simple. The more you use Linkedin, the more recruiters leads I’m able to generate.

I’ve tested everything below with 100% success, even today, as I’m editing this blog, I’ve gained two linkedin opportunities per day and all I’m doing is liking someones “new job” notification. I’m not saying “congrats”… I’m only saying “….” and liking their content. That alone is enough to send me new recruiters each day. With that said, you now know a way to generate more leads on Linkedin, however I’m going to dive deeper below an offer several methods.

Imagine you never update your resume, and someone next door to you updates their resume daily. Guess who will get more leads? The robots of linkedin need to use some sort of logic to define a successful pattern for users and “usage” of said application.

Gamification is rather… important.

I have noticed this trend in video games too.

Video games have a similar trend.

IMO, it’s boring to find a pattern and abuse a pattern to win.

I only do it to mentally escape and it’s meditative to make the game harder for myself by doing something complicated or not a best practice… it’s fun to make a bad pattern work because I’m good at the game.

I used to game nonstop, always enjoyed riding the edge of victory, but then I realized this was getting boring. Also, I learned I’m never going to make bread, period.

You don’t learn a lot when you continually win.

After losing for a long time, professionally speaking, I started trying something different, and to my surprise it really worked for me and for a few others I’ve encouraged over the past few years. The others tried the same steps I’m suggesting and it helps them generate more leads on linkedin. More job opportunities and ultimately more money.

But with gaming, I win all the time, and I realize at the top of that mountain, you’re more-or-less performing the same dance. Like making ramen noodles over and over and over.

When you abuse software, you don’t necessarily learn anything, unless you study the data and the inputs/outputs.

Similar to cooking, when you’re good, you don’t need much to make amazing food.

Learning to automate some of the things I’m going to explain will help you have more free time to learn something relevant and important.

Also, it will give you a chance to fail, while figuring out the steps making a tool that automates these things for you.

Ride the edge to win more money

All software has the “cheat path” and I don’t mean breaking the rules, I mean using native features, studying them to the point of data science expertise, and then using this solution to answer more problems, ie kicking butt online.

After awhile you gain “empirical observations” of what works and discuss it with others or you keep it to yourself. My blog is me telling you my observations, bank account increase/decrease, and how it works for others willing to try to use Linkedin like a video game.

Testing the “not really cheating” method and discussing it with others to test. Seeing success across many months, years, okay it’s time to explain it in a blog.

Farming for gold online in video games or offline in video games is the same as farming gold in real life on LinkedIn.

Here’s a blog about how I’m able to earn 1 or 15 new job leads each day and how i don’t get a new job lead each day from linkedin.

If you’re not familiar with linkedin, let me break it down at a high level and advanced level and then go right back to the average user because that’s what I assume will be most people consuming this information.

LinkedIn, for the most part, is an online destination to place your resume and update your resume. For most and all non-engineer users, Linkedin will never become anything more than an input. However, the money maker for linkedin has to do with a lot of automation with recruiting softwares using their API and various ways to gain information via their “job posting” feature, this helps harness the data coming from many people in a single input that most recruiting softwares are able to engineer extremely efficiently within and they do and they do well.

by tyler garrett

But for most of us. It’s a place to talk about your history, and revise that history as you understand your profession more.

Robots are watching every aspect of your interactions to judge your with your peers for organic “paid” recruiter leads, and the best woman or man wins! Not really true, you can game it.

Showing you’re interested in finding a “job” is as simple as using the product in a respectful and measure-able way…

Measure-able… lol, the ability to measure what you’re doing beyond “looking at sh*t” on linkedin. What you do can be measured or is appearing as a measured value.

Measured meaning, they are looking at it, and likely telling you about it too.

an image of tyler garrett on linkedin explaining how to increase organic recruiter traffic to your profile and ultimately result in more job opportunities
“who viewed your profile” is a biggest one.

They tell you these numbers because it’s how they rate you against others looking for a job right now. The more interest you show… The more jobs you can get from people looking to hire people like you.

“Just looking,” is a measure.

But you don’t want to be that person (manually… you don’t want to do this because you won’t learn anything), rather you need more of those “lookers” on your profile. Who knows, maybe looking at someones profile, and then someone else’s, is a good way to gain more +1’s… I’m throwing out automation ideas left and right.

Let me explain how you can do this in a few ways. And start focusing on the meat of the post.

If people are “looking” at your profile, ie profile views, the number they show you when you login on most pages on Linkedin, that’s the number one contributor to gaining 1 or 15 leads in a day. Below are a few ways to do that, and there are also ways to increase this that I have not studied, feel free to experiment and don’t be like me.

How i don’t get leads on linkedin

Not getting leads is what most people are doing on linkedin. People don’t get leads due to their low account activity.

This is just a big video game.

You now know there is some gamification to consider your account worthy of gaining a lead while on

Higher account quality means higher amount of searches per user. If it worked differently LinkedIn would NOT work for the collective and we would all stop using the application.

If this wasn’t happening, the conversion would be bad, ergo it’s not bad when they deploy this algorithm, which we need to consider.

How to avoid getting recruiter contacts or new opportunities on LinkedIn.

  • i dont login
  • i don’t respond to requests
  • i don’t respond to spam
  • maybe i do login, but dont do anything to generate impressions
  • i use a picture that’s 10 to 15 years old (kidding, please update with a current photo, not your high school photo)

Just being a looker isn’t a good win, however it can be used to your power if you understand how to create more lookers on your linkedin profile.

How to do get leads each day on linkedin

Getting leads on LinkedIn each day is possible and I’ve given this solution to a lot of people.

The number one way is “clicking connect” with someone that you do not know. They will be given an opportunity to say YES and there you will now be connected in a way that allows for messages. This also is a way for you to gain a +1 “just looking” and this is a HUGE deal because there’s an exact correlation to the amount of “just looking” and “job leads” i’m gaining for the past few years.

I started this one day while unemployed, and considering losing my business 50% just to keep my home from foreclosuing.

I remember, I was in his car, and I just started saying “f**k this.”

I started spamming “connect” with everyone I could click connect with and it didn’t matter to me where they are located.

At first I did it on my phone, then i made an app to left click in a strategic area.

They have made a lot of changes to linkedin to avoid this from happening and I don’t care because that’s the game I’m given and the task I lay in front of you is rather simple. Get more leads, and more chances to get a job when applying because not only are you applying to jobs…

You’re also getting these things called “leads” from linkedin.

These are recruiters or head hunters who are paying linkedin to find you in a search and this search only shows you if you’re of quality in the local area.

Here’s another variation of ways I use to get leads consistently, without having to spam for “connections.”

1. clicking thumbs up on a “new job” notification.

– people get new jobs on linkedin

– giving them a +1 on their post boosts your profile quality

– you’re showing you’re interested in “jobs”

– you’re showing someone you’re there, growing the relationship

2. starting convos on

– talk to someone, link them to a “linkedin job posting” and ask them about the culture

– say hello to an old friend, link them to a job posting on Linkedin, that’s relevant, and even if you’re not looking, this is smart because you can’t keep your hopes and dreams on one job or one persons “word” or “contracts”

– you’re showing you’re interested in “jobs”

3. Accepting new friend requests!

– you’re showing you’re interested in “jobs” because you’re trying to network on a “job finding” website

– you’re gaining a chance this new friend will look at your profile “just looking” +1 to help you growth hack

– you’re showing you’re interested in networking

– you’re showing you’re interested

Summing up the last 3 steps

SIMPLE: The first step, clicking +1 on someones “new job ding” and outside of this just making you look like a nice person, this is one way you can “simplify” what you’re doing to gain new pipeline. I get about 1-3 job leads per day if I’m doing this on a daily or 3 times per week basis. The more you do this, the more you get leads. I’ve seen it work successfully for the past 3 months since writing this blog as a new test case.

To conclude these 3 steps, realize each of these are a means to an end and a path of least resistance.

Sure, we can all have a great job and then poof, life happens.

Life continues to happen and we continue to need new pipeline to gain a job.

After working at at recruiting software company as a freelance analytics developer, I’ve gained a lot of insights into the stream of HR data from a hiring perspective and from a linkedin perspective. Like getting a job, takes time, and I have empirical observations from my own experience trying to get a normal FTE job… It takes a lot of time to get the ball moving, months and months.

Nothing is fast when you really need a job, everything above will help you have a consistent “lead generation” for your future, and it won’t be a negative to grow your network for future cool things you may want to share or discuss.

Mostly, I’ve needed to come up with a means to an end, gaining jobs, and I hope this helps you provide for your family similarly to the way it has allowed me to provide for my family, and have an opportunity to promote non-profit climate changes work locally.

If you want to connect with me, please add me on linkedin, or twitter and tell me what worked for you.

If you know other ways to game the system, leave a comment and I will feature it in the blog or alternative blogs relative to the growth hack.

Good luck.

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