It’s not often you find strangers online that turn out to be very sticky and good friends.

Today, I want to introduce you to a digital friend of mine, Eduard Kort, and it’s likely you’ve heard some of his music…

Today, he manages around 10k followers, which he generated with a very smart system, and a smart branding strategy.


Eduard Kort is a European Music Producer, who does Mixing, and mastering…

Eduard Kort, take the time to get to know him, join his facebook group.. Seriously, it’s like an experience you will never have in any other facebook group.

People are nice, helpful, and we are very productive.

Eduard runs a community out of Facebook, helps people on a weekly basis, and outputs free files to his community.

He was a big fan of – back before it was a viable resource for musicians. Gave me a ton of valuable feedback and deserves a ton of kudos for being an independent musician in 2018.

Eduard Kort and I shared many digital solutions together, he’s a badass at instagram, and I’m honored to introduce you to my mate, Eduard!

Who’s being interviewed?

Answer: Hi, I’m Eduard Kort. I’m a producer/mixing dude from Berlin.

I provide music services online.

I’m also THE funk guy. Really.

What’s your artist name? What do you go by?

Answer: I used to go by SNYCE (because it sounds nice), but went with my actual name instead, just because:

How did you come by your artist name? Why is it important to you?

Answer: It’s just easier to brand everything to my actual name. People will associate everything I put out with me and not with a separate entity. Be it any service I provide, original music I release or some product like a sample pack or presets.

Tyler response: Could not agree with you more. I spent a lot of time stressing about an artist name growing up and I’m not entirely sure if I care to keep it.

Name your top two favorite bands/artist.


1. French Electro Duo Justice – impeccable songwriting combined with sound design that inspired a whole new generation of producers.

People still can’t nail their sound from 2007.

Here’s a clue: The “Justice distortion” everyone is trying to emulate is just a bass guitar going through the distortion unit of the DSI Poly Evolver.

Too bad that thing cost like $4K.

2. Johann Sebastian Bach. Godfather of all modern music (yes, Jazz too!) I hate playing Bach though. You have to be very exact and in time, just because that’s the nature of the music, but there’s no denying that he laid the foundation for all modern music with the “well tempered clavier”.

Who was your first big inspiration in the music industry?

Answer: I’ll tell you what motivated me to do music first: I had one defining moment in my life where I can clearly divide between before/after.

I was born in the former Kazakhstan, a former state of the Soviet Union.

Until I was 8 I never seen a piano and my life.

Then I’ve seen a girl play the Dog’s Waltz by Chopin at a school recital.

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This rather simple piece moved me on a much deeper level than anything I’ve encountered in my life.

I was struck by the fierceness of this little girl extracting magic out of the piano.

From that point onward, I wanted to do the same.

Later, when I moved to Germany, I discovered Ryan Leslie on Youtube.

I think it was in early 2004.

He used to put out “in the studio” videos of his work and man, what can I say.

I’m speaking for a LOT of people here when I say this dude inspired a lot of people to become music producers.

Even now, 14 years, l still go back to those vids to reminisce.

If you could work with any artist, producer, musician, etc… Who would it be and why?

Answer: I’d love to work with Bruno Mars, he’s the MJ of our generation (IMO). Always swims against the current and succeeds at it.


Thanks for joining us on our first interview.

More to come.

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