Earned a value-able set of data today, so much time trying to talk to all the spammers on #LinkedIn today because a client didn’t get back to one email fast. So I couldn’t waste his hours without a sign off. Doesn’t feel right. So here’s what I’m doing now, this is the difference between me and every large #consultancy, I stop billing when im chilling. #consulting #developer #wp #founder #automation #scriptkiddies #growthhacker. They think they found me because they have a good app, actually it’s because I’m growth hacking them, the more content I get, the more I respond – the smarter my algorithm gets. And when you know sentiment analysis is mere unstructured text waiting to be separated and joined to a table of words with scores related to it. Then you know you will be able to automate talking to the spammers better, with every attempt to network – I find people are more focused on the sell and never partnerships. However it wasn’t until I decided to lower my ego and say – hey let’s make teams, not individual scripts you got off a growth hack community, let’s squeeze lemons together. Not spam each other until we are miserable and too full of shit to network. Time to add water to these toys and start playing. Heat advisory in #Austin #texas lol, I’m the summer. #wp
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