A digital footprint
by Tyler Garrett

Tyler Garrett, a passionate business consultant, with a lot of business intelligence experience, logos, and testimonies.

Read what Josh had to say about Tyler Garrett while they were both at GoPro.

PepsiCo logotableau consulting with FLSO was a blast! Here's their logo. Check out their website - it's very well done. tandigm health

Tyler Garrett helps create, scale, & develops automated data applications w/ big companies around the globe.

“I can’t talk about what I do for these customers because of legal requirements. So, I spend my spare time blogging about what I learn, simplified for non-developers.”


Read what Justin had to say about Tyler Garrett while they were both at Kroger.

Learn more about Tyler Garrett by visiting Dev3lop, Musicblip, or LinkedIn.

Tyler Garrett put himself through college with 3 part time jobs.


Dev3lop, “We dev3lop so you don’t have to”

Musicblip, “Simple music industry solutions”

Computers can be frustrating. So, it’s important to keep learning. Click the button to read topics Tyler is currently researching and developing.

Build, teach, share, optimize.

New dad, gamer, artist, photographer, serial founder, scripter, non-trivial app developer, music producer, technology consultant,… idk

Tyler started learning code when he was a kid. His brother got him into Ultima Online, one of the first few big Massively Multiple Player Online games. Where he later found C++ files easy & fun.

Tyler enjoys teaching others and shares his current learning backlog publicly. He spends most of his time learning AI, ML, VR, Python, Tensorflow, and other various 3d modeling software.

You can find Tyler learning how to develop video games in his spare time, learning code, spending time with his family, or producing music.

A picture of tyler garrett taken at alteryx 2018 thing


An entirely too verbose message from Tyler Garrett.

“Hello, Tyler Garrett here. I’m thankful to have you on my website, many of my websites now rank in 200+ countries.

Thankful meaning… Not that long ago I was struggling through 3 part-time jobs, full time college student, and now I work for the #2 company in the globe and manage a consultancy & a few other cool things. To go from minimum wage to people reading things I have to say, it means a lot. I’m very thankful.

So, this website is currently ranking and you’re finding me because of what I learned studying billions of rows of data, related to the internet. I learned digital marketing by abusing various algorithms and honestly if I blogged about it you wouldn’t read half of it. Although I will share it below in a link, whether you can fight cognitive dissonance and learn from me, that’s up to you.

However, I encourage you to give me a chance. Every logo above paid an average $250/hr to work with me and listen to my advice.

It helps to have a college degree and ten years of related professional experience in the data industry, it allows me to look at things like “google ranking” and because of that experience, I find google ranking to be very simple. I learned to automate a lot of SEO discovery, it’s a simple science, and I enjoy ranking on whatever I want, whenever I want, and I teach my mates how to do it, too.

Today, I find myself working on things that do not have a lot of documentation circulating because it is impossible or never done before. Which enables me to be the first, or simply a chance to take over ranking on terms because I think what ranks – sucks.

So, long short. You know how you found me, and thanks for visiting Tyler Garrett dot com.

I worked side by side thousands of humans, living in the tech industry, for nearly a decade.

I architect-ed solutions now impacting over 2.2 million employees daily.

What’s cool is I built solutions that require zero support and remediation!

I’m constantly working on something new because what I develop – doesn’t break.

This is my personal blog with my opinions only.

My opinions about the data, the numbers, my travel, companies, etc.

I hope to reach more people eager to build more out of their time.

I worked 3 part-time jobs, earning minimum wage, and full-time student at the University of North Texas.

Took to software and data consulting, founded a few companies, and now enjoy working in data automation, data transformation, data science, and making custom applications that help people automate silly shit.”

Below, please find successful growth strategies and python code to help you automate your digital footprint. If you need extra help, please feel free to contact me, for free support, guidance, etc! I do not want customers…

We, my family, do not have time to support customers. If you need services, I will recommend you elsewhere, and not take a finders fee.


Tyler Garrett

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Who’s Tyler Garrett?

Hi, Tyler Garrett is one of the zillions of Tyler Garrett’s online. The Tyler Garrett, is a music producer, a technology consultant, a solution architect, an SEO magician, Photographer and he’s also a data scientist.

Growing Your Audience.

Thanks for swinging by! If you’re interested in growing your digital foot print, increasing your audience, generating more revenue, monetizing your time better, or simply more free time. Feel free to contact us.

Growing Your Audience.

Thanks for swinging by! If you’re interested in growing your digital foot print, increasing your audience, generating more revenue, monetizing your time better, or simply more free time. Feel free to contact us.

Tyler Garrett’s wiki.

You just found a new resource for helpful information. Powered by coffee and a passion to help others. Tyler Garrett enjoys blogging about technology, data, his family, travel, etc. Most of the work Tyler does for a living he can’t discuss openly. Here he blogs about anything and everything.

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