Each day you become more real in my life. I’m waking up more next to you. With that said, “I’m excited to watch you grow.”

They may sound weird but when you have a kid, you will understand. With each day they get older, you connect more with the human behind the baby mask.

You are my new purpose, my breath, my air.

We are so lucky to have you in our life.

We are excited to watch you grow and…

I will always be there for you.

Today, you asked me about the artwork on your blanket. You asked me, what is this daddy?

You’re very inquisitive, you seek to peel things apart, then put them together once you figure it out, and I think you will find a lot of power in that skill as you get older. I’m excited to watch you grow.

So, I told you, “star.”

You didn’t ask “what is that daddy?”

You enjoy saying a phrase. It’s half of the word for a “ball” in Spanish.

Pelota. But you say the LOTA part, you say “GOAT-TAH” or “GO-TUH” or “GO-TOH” and a few variations of the phrase.





To be funny, I decided to tell you every star on the blanket. Rapidly.

“Star, star, star, star, star,…”

While I pointed down to the star on the blanket, I looked at you, you looked at me with excitement.

I point at another, quicker, “Star.”

The next five stars, even quicker!

and pointed at each star around you, over and over…

Stars are all around you, in the sky, in our universe, in our local galaxy, and beyond.

Oh, also on your blanket.

“Star, star, star!”

Watch you grow.

Then for the first time in your life, you made fun of me.

You pretended to do what I did, in the silliest and cutest way possible.

You stole the show with my own joke. I had to get moms attention, it was that good.

I really enjoyed the fact that you were being silly with me Andoni. I have a son.

We did this over and over, together.

You would act like you were pointing at a lot of stars and say a bunch of jibberish while laughing and doing cute little high pitch noises. You would put your face on your mom’s pillow and put your butt in the air and laugh and laugh.

It was the best part of my week.

In the end, you were just waving your arm around pretending to point and laughing your little butt off.

You’re an amazing child.

Side note from your growing, you’re also growing.

Also, a side note from growing, your brain is growing too.

You have been struggling to put shapes together in your toy, it consumes triangles, squares, circles, and stars.

I know deep down, I need to let you figure it out, but I keep seeing you have trouble with it.

and instead of watching you;

  1. struggle
  2. get frustrated
  3. throw the shape
  4. grab another
  5. try again…

I have been putting the correct one in front of you.

Yes, I think I’m helping you grow in this circumstance.

I’m thinking in my head, “higher win VS loss ratio will keep his morale up. Then he will learn it faster because he spends more time doing it correctly.”

I think that, as I rotate the toy so that you see the correct shape in front of you. It’s a tricky toy…

Son, you weren’t the best at this puzzle. Until today.

No sweat. It’s okay to be ‘not the best’ at a puzzle the first few times you try and the last time you try.

I’m terrible at everything the first time too, but as long as it’s fun, I’ll get better and so will you.

Trying is the important part and the quicker you fail 1000 times, the quicker you know how not to succeed 1000 times.

Today, I told your mommy, “I guess he’s not old enough where he can figure out how to put the shapes in the holes.”

Before your mom even explained that you’re old enough, you did it with a little flare. A slam dunk, shape to shape.

In a fast-paced digital age, it’s hard for two people to experience the same thing at the same time, this just so happened to be you doing a thing.

Thanks for building the experience for everyone here.

Your happiness keeps me up at night.

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