Over the last few years, I’ve remained rather quiet on a couple topics.

Now, I’m at a point where the News is starting to feel more and more like a movie.

Like.. I’ve accidentally entered a twilight novel or movie.

Worst part of the movie, I’m living in it.

— update, impeachment vote completed.


You’re likely wondering, what is it? I would tell you but I don’t think you would believe me immediately.

So let’s start with the background. I’m often writing these blogs in place of having a journal. The reason for journaling is because I want my son to read something when he grows up, read something about the time where he wasn’t able to maintain an archive of information, or let alone manage writing a sentence with a pencil.

Fraud Guarantee, is the name of a company. But let’s discuss how we got here. There’s more to this story.

Over the past few weeks, the non-stop chatter about Trump’s Impeachment has been ground shaking, to say the least.

But rather than giving my opinion, it seems rather important to keep it about the facts.

Data, data visualization, that cool stuff.

Let’s circle around and pretend we understand the “Washington Post” recent survey…

Which I found them sharing with Googlesheets, *sigh*.

It was a rather large view of data.

Try to make sense of this dump. Even with visualizing the data, it’s a rather big matrix of information…

Washington Post Survey 1000+ adults. No explanation of where or how. It could have been biased or not, or a Walmart parking lot, or a Target. A Red state or Blue state…

You can find the data here. Or their release of the survey here.

With that said… the latest “Fraud Guarantee”

I want to say, I warned you. Below, it’s all interesting stuff.


When reading things like this.. you start to think. There’s nothing that can top this particular grain of information. It was so interesting, I took a screenshot and shared it on Facebook. It was the first time I’ve shared anything on facebook since I decided to stop using the app.

Fraud Guarantee is a new Twitter trend…because that’s the name of a business Giuliani…

Wait wait… Who cares about this guy, what the hell.

Someone called their name Fraud Guarantee.

So, yes, I’m thinking, “what’s Fraud Guarantee”… I must see!

Yet, I’m awkwardly found myself watching Giuliani.

I will admit, I don’t know who Giuliani is, or what he looks like, but I can hear things and I can see stuff. So here’s this.

A video of Giuliani @ Trump Hotel… Can you make this stuff up?

In this video, are a couple of arrested people says the New York Times.


So, I guess #FraudGuarantee is more of an open forum to hammer this trial conviction through the courts. Where millions of people are starting to get in on this, which boom… It’s a trend.

It’s hard to think this is happening.

The men, Ukrainian-born Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, originally from Belarus, are accused of conspiring to “circumvent the federal laws against foreign interference by engaging in a scheme to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal and State office,” according to a four-count indictment in the Southern District of New York. Two other men, David Correia and Andrey Kukushkin, also face charges

CBS News
Found here

Fraud Guarantee…

The name of the employer. Fraud Guarantee, lol.

I’m sitting here patiently scripting together data, what my developer friend loves to call normalizing, and because I’m over it… i call it “cleaning.”

Sorta like you call a business something, but for some reasons this person thought Fraud Guarantee was a good option.


The name of the company is Fraud Guarantee, haha wait…


Outside is a large protest, the video above is a video of the other crowd.

Interesting handouts for Trump supporters to read. Not a bad idea.

Oh and here’s the same Trump Rally, the other side of it, the Protest that lasted late into the night.

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