Andrew Yang is NOT for the people and I feel this way because of how he’s acting right now. He’s not blasting on twitter about anything relevant to the major election happening right now, maybe “vote for X” would be a relevant variable to provide, but what does he stand to gain by not supporting a 100% people backed opponent Bernie Sanders?

Similar to all candidates, they are in this place to make the 99% of us believe they want to help us & will only be here to divide the votes from Bernie and Trump. Because Yang isn’t able to “explain any aspect of next steps” for his faithful “math” followers. He was merely used by billionaires, like all the candidates on stage, used to control the narrative and used to divide votes between Trump and Bernie.

There’s a reason these candidates are all so diverse, diversity means more splitting votes away from the only candidate who didn’t accept any bribes from mainstream media, which means mainstream media is incentivized to plaster a different narrative across every channel.

Yang, like Warren, is just another diversion, another distraction from everyone in the USA getting health care and a chance to become a great country like the countries who offer healthcare, college education, and don’t have a poor class of workers making minimum wage, a non-livable wage.

Yang is like everyone who isn’t Bernie, he accepted billionaire donations and like TRUMP and BIDEN, if he would have won, he would have done exactly what all the other billionaire bought candidates do. They take care of companies before people, they take care of their benefactors because Obama allowed Citizens United, lined his pockets, and did yang.

I’m all for diversity, but trying to give us the illusion of choice is merely a “strategic plan” to keep control and avoid Bernie helping the 99%. Rich people don’t want to help poor people, and the narrative is “selfish people” rule the world.

Andrew tries to give off the “selfless good vibe” however when it came to the end, he played the same game everyone else played. Distracting you from getting a future in the USA.

He has not given any followers a solution beyond the point that we haven’t seen the last of him. Because Andrew Yang is not a leader. He’s a fake. Don’t get caught up in his story, he accepted billionaire bribes like the rest of the candidates, except bernie.

Andrew Yang, the American Entrepenur who came across as the problem solver and the solution to helping the current state of America. I love a guy who is all about math, but is he in this for “the people.”

The common people, like you and me. I’m not a billionaire and I don’t come from money.

So Andrew Yang… Is he for the people? Aboslutely not, that’s why he’s quiet during COVID19, that’s why he accepted money from corporations, where Bernie has declined, Yang accepts. Yang is in this for himself, for his money, not for the future or betterment of the 99%.

Maybe? Maybe I’m wrong. But look at him, and tell me where he actually steered his people.

He steered them away from Bernie, gave them no option. (update: now we are living in the “BUST” the “bernie or bust” people warned you about a very long ago because of people like Andrew Yang and his billionaire donators. They aren’t here for you, that’s why most of the USA is out of work, can’t pay for their home or rent, and being thrown out on the streets in every city around the USA, and the government is not shutting down certain cities/states because they don’t want the middle class or lower class a chance to vote, a chance to survive, a chance to get ahead.)

Well before Yang accepted bribes to join the presidency race, well before Yang accepted billionaire corporation campaign donations, a chump for the corporation is all I can see and why would he be different than the past presidents? He’s not here for you or me, or he would have said Bernie when it mattered most.

Just like Warren, she too played Bernies tune, and yet never took the time to save the race and give Bernie the win. She is here for billionaire contributions and not for the 99%, just like Yang, they both have track records of taking money from corporations and that’s NOT leadership. That’s just taking money so you can help the people who paid you, and citizens united has destroyed every aspect of the democracy we never truly had.

As of right now, Andrew Yang dropped out of the race and has said nothing about “next steps” other than “he will return.”

I hope he does because he brought more awareness to topics that are important topics. However, I’m okay with less “diversity” in the selection because that “simulation of diversity” was the illusion of choices.

I’m writing this piece as awareness to others who are interested in the “American Entrepreneur” as a political figure who they can vote for as a president. Chances are you’re not really familiar with Citizens united and what it can create. Maybe you need to look towards the current president Trump, and look towards your thought leader “Math Andrew Yang”… Both the same people, both accepting money from billionaires, they will never be for you or me. They will always take care of these billionaire organizations and their billionaire friends/family. This is the man you wanted?

Why another trump?

from his twitter

The True colors of Andrew Yang are clear as day to me.

After studying politics and learning about Andrew accepting billionaire donations, it’s easy to see what’s clear in this realm.

At this point, you’re starting to see his true colors.

When you lose, you lose, and when you drop out, you lose.

I won’t beat around the bush, I think Andrew Yang is not for the people. The 99% of everyone in America; hoping, praying, and paying for a better future.

If Andrew Yang was for the people, Andrew Yang would look to Bernie Sanders and begin telling his followers to do the same because Bernie, unlike Andrew Yang, has not accepted donations from billionaires or big company bribes. No mainstream media bribes. No influence from any industry.

Everyone running has a history of SIDING with wallstreet, big pharma, banks, and the worst of the worst companies.

Bernie was generated by “the people” and this can be clearly understood by seeing where his donations are coming from today, and yesterday.

Andrew Yang is not for the people.

Don’t believe me? Just look. Look where his time is going right now, focus on what he’s NOT saying VS what he has been saying.

If you don’t see this as a problem, then does this mean you’re going to wait 4 years to get angry about problems?

Andrew Yang is a big part of the problem we face in the future of American politics.

If Andrew Yang was for the people, the average american who can’t afford $500 emergency, then why would Andrew Yang not be about Bernie Sanders campaign? It’s because he’s a part of the establishment.

For all the good Andrew Yang has done for himself & those in his organization, how much good is he doing for the 99%?

The only reason that makes sense is because Andrew Yang is in the pockets of the billionaires and millionaires of the American establishment. I can’t call it a government because a Government does good for their people. Which is the exact opposite of what Trump has accomplished for the American people and the exact opposite Andrew is doing right now for the average american.

Which is NOTHING…

To my son; about andrew yang…

Son, I hope you’re able to see through a well spoken person with a story, a website, and bullets. That’s me but you know me to be a problem solver, a solution person, and a person who has seen more data than Andrew Yang.

I do data for a living son, you know damn near everyone with a spreadsheet feels like they are data architects and if you don’t know now you do.

Andrew Yang is no different, he’s just another person who is using TECH keywords and saying stuff that is trending and relevant. That’s called intelligence, but not literal business intelligence.

Just using words, isn’t intelligence. Just having a heap of content and points to make, isn’t intelligence, it’s an intelligent decision to make but it’s not intelligence. Andrew Yangs entire message was “here’s some points, and here’s some info” but now he isn’t making any points, he isn’t using any math, except maybe he is doing MATH that’s related to his bank account.

Yes, andrew yang accepted money from the bad guys.

You can tell by how he’s acting. I could tell by how he was acting early on but that’s just a reaction I get when I think someone is full of it.

But having a lot of money and putting together a “plan” is merely what happened. A bunch of 1% money paid for a bunch of content that got a bunch of people HOOKED on Yang content.

But now… losing and not telling the following to follow the only president who’s looking out for the 99% for as long as I’ve been alive.. Son, you need to immediately consider, “what does he stand to gain.” Why would he not say “vote for bernie” every day? Why would he refuse everyone healthcare, education, better gun control, women rights & ability to make decisions over their own body, and many other clear cut helpful intentions.

Why would Andrew Yang avoid helping his following by providing a next step?

Why did andrew yang quit? And why can’t he get behind another candidate? Ego? Pride?… Oh right MONEY…

That’s because I don’t feel Andrew Yang was in this to solve problems, rather he’s in this to build a brand for himself, make money for his friends and donors, and that’s about it.

But what did we learn about andrew yang?

In short, what did we learn? We learned andrew yangs ally with the bad guys OR he would tell you to vote for the good guy.

We also learned… no matter how much data you have put together – it doesn’t mean you’re in it for the average person.

Andrew Yang is not in this for the people which means that’s another vote to Trump. Which is the trending ONLINE narrative…

The current online narrative is people want to vote for a hard work citizen, and that means without and real direction, people are trending to voting themselves into a deeper depression than currently being forecasted.

from wiki

As we continue to see candidates shifted in our media spotlight to only hinder the progression of the only candidate looking to remove “bribes” from the failed government establishment.

It seems like these companies will do just about anything to block the 99% from enjoying their future. Andrew Yang is a piece of the establishment and that’s clear by his actions; taking money from the 1% and not giving his following a clear solution during a time we need a revolution.

Andrew Yang’s pride or ego is hurt OR he is being paid to keep quiet. That’s what happens when you except 1% money. You have to do what you are told or you don’t get any more money.

Andrew Yang was never in this for you, me, or the 99% based on empirical observations found on his twitter account. This is a bad sign for his followers as they have been misguided into information built by the 1% donations, a team of smart people, like you and me, working for money, to provide information that is helpful and beneficial. But at the end, without direction, there is no leadership.

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