When was the last time you spotted someone randomly? Today, I’m traveling back to Austin, TX and I felt like being silly and blogging about how I feel when I see Liv Tyler at LAX and do nothing.

So, chilling at the airport, working on notes from a sales call, converting analog notes to digital text.

  • I’m listening to Moderat on youtube
  • Maybe dancing around a little
  • At a standing desk working
  • Typical traveling Tyler

For some odd reason, I always stare at people getting off of planes first. 

When you are at the airport too much, you need something to pass the time, and staring at people who don’t mind spending three or four times more for a ticket may be the most entertaining group of them all.

Why? Because these people paid a tremendous amount more to sit in a subtly different seat, and who knows…

Maybe I will see Hulk Hogan again. Which by the way, I did see Hulk at the Austin Airport once before during SXSW. ‘Oh brother’ he was not friendly

So anyway, today I just noticed…

Liv Tyler arriving at the airport in LAX.

She was staring at me for a long time, I had a weird interaction with her, and felt like blogging about it because it’s probably a better read than hearing me talk about technology.

She looked at me as if she knew who I was.

Liv Tyler gave this Tyler face at least 5+ seconds, which if anyone gave you that much attention,… wouldn’t you think it’s a little weird?

Being completely disconnected from Pop culture, I didn’t know her name.

If I did, I might have mentioned I was named after her father, Steven Tyler.

My thought is that she was looking at me because she has 3million + followers on Facebook and has no clue how outrageous someone is going to be in public.

3million Facebook followers and 1.8million Instagram followers…

I bet Liv Tyler has a great website.

Yeah, it’s going to be high end, awesome, cool… some sort of personal website or blog, with her name in the domain name.

Being a website nerd, I found her website.

www.livtylerwebsite.com – if you want to go to this website, you’re probably like me and thinking, “this is going to be a great website, she’s a millionaire…”

The website above is very out of date.

So, I’m staring at Liv Tyler and Nothing is Clicking.

Staring, no clicks. Is this the person from princess diaries? Not sure…
While I’m aggregating all the movies she has been in, I really had nothing to add to her day… Besides my weird shit.
So, I gave her a dorky smile, like any person is going to get when they stare at me for longer than the norm… OH HI THERE!
I did say “HI” silently with my mouth, and a weird wave because that’s my shit, you didn’t know that?
Why wouldn’t you give someone an awkward wave?
Now for a conclusive sentence.
Regardless of who you are, I’m really not going to remember your name. Alright, good talk. #badwithnames

Who have you seen in public randomly? Comment below and leave a link to your website.

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