Hello, I’m Tyler Garrett
a Tableau Consultant gone rogue.

Artist, Analytics, Assistant.

Hello, welcome to my website, built by me, Tyler Garrett a Tableau Consultant gone rogue. People know me for solving problems, inventing solutions, developing algorithms, teaching & advising on emerging technology. Like most humans I have hobbies that are now my profession; writing, photography, music, and public speaking. I love solving problems, helping companies as a freelance tableau consultant and paying it forward with knowledge, in my blogs.

Read what Mario, Tableau Consultant, said about Tyler Garrett.

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Tyler at Tableau Software. Tyler and I worked together on several internal projects as well customer engagements. Through the time that we spent together, I witnessed his impressive technical, analytical, leadership, and communication skills. Tyler possesses a passion for not just meeting both internal and external customer needs, but delighting them with holistic solutions that far exceed expectations. Whether it’s assisting a colleague or engaging a customer, he goes above and beyond to ensure the success of everyone with whom he interacts. When answering questions, his answers are thorough and precise. He engages his colleagues and customers through blogs, chatting tools, and every other means of communication. Tyler is a person of integrity and solid moral character. While I continue to enjoy the dividends of his contributions at Tableau, I am very optimistic about his future endeavors.”


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Art is more than a paint brush

Tyler Garrett enjoys generating art across several mediums. Music production, blogging, analog sound engineering, photography, photoshop, animations, graphic design, etc…


Growing demands failure & friends

Let’s grow together. Tyler Garrett offers free growth hacks and advice to help people learn about analytics, SEO, SQL, web development, hosting, design, and open source technology.


Passionate, experience, helpful, assistant..

Tyler Garrett has actively consulted in technology for ten years and has an information technology degree from the University of North Texas. He’s a passionate tech consultant.


How to Loop your Code | PowerShell Looping

Here's one way to loop your code with PowerShell. PowerShell looping is one of the easiest ways to loop through processes in code and a good way to start learning to iterate little processes you develop. A rather typical procedure to learn early or it won't make much...

Make Your Computer Type For You in PowerShell

Hello, here's a quick tutorial on how to make your computer type for you in PowerShell on Windows. Have you ever needed to type something on a computer? Over and over. And maybe you did not want to repeat that task. This script is for you. Making your computer type...

A Very Quick Introduction to PowerShell

Powershell is a windows only computer programming language and it reads pretty easy on the eyes. You might be wondering why I'm saying it reads easy. Some programming languages to do not read easy. Some programming languages do read easy.. Powershell is one of those...

Using PYAUTOGUI with Colaboratory – Not possible Today

Using Pyautogui with Colaboratory is not currently possible because the code isn't running with an active display, rather it's more of a web based place to run python... In this blog I show you the basics and you can follow along on my Colaboratory. Being super new at...

List Comprehensions – Learning Python List Comprehensions w/ a non-developer

Building a list is a very specific building block in learning code, being a data analyst, or whatever data driven role you find yourself sitting in. Python List comprehensions provide a concise way to create lists. Common applications are to make new lists where each...

Setting up Pip on Python 3.7 in Windows 10 — A non-developer version

Ready to start learning python? You may think installing python 3.7 is the right step, I recommend starting with python 2.7 and upgrade if necessary. If you insist, here’s how to get python 3.7 on windows 10 pc. After this blog you will.. become yoda install python...

About Tyler Garrett – Tableau Consultancy Builder

Tyler Garrett is a self made man & now enjoys doing Tableau Consulting to scale his grassroots company dev3lop.com. He enjoys generating free apps, blogs, algorithms, and non-monetized training tutorials. After building several Tableau Consultancies Tyler Garrett started taking on large contracts with companies like ExxonMobil. Tyler loves blogging about technology, journaling to his son on occasions, occasionally discussing non-discussed topics,  and spends a lot of time helping people exploit benefits of open source tools. Growing up as a poor gamer, Tyler Garrett learned to abuse software to get ahead. Tyler works to help optimize usage of technology globally at companies like GoPro, BostonScientific, Abila, Kroger, ExxonMobil, The Nielsen Company, and many more.

Build, teach, share, optimize w/ Tyler Garrett!

New dad, gamer, artist, photographer, serial founder, scripter, non-trivial app developer, music producer, technology consultant,… idk

Tyler started learning code when he was a kid and enjoys Tableau consulting for fun. His brother got him into Ultima Online, one of the first few big Massively Multiple Player Online games. Where he later found C++ files easy & fun. Tyler enjoys teaching others and shares his current learning backlog publicly. He spends most of his time learning AI, ML, VR, Python, Tensorflow, and other various 3d modelingsoftwareYou can find Tyler learning how to develop video games in his spare time, learning code, spending time with his family, or producing music.

Tyler’s history

Tyler put himself through college working 3 part-time jobs

Taco bell, Einsteins Bagels, and Chik-Fil-A. It’s a path most do not take. Tyler has experience working full time with companies like PepsiCo, Tableau, ExxonMobil, and 150+ more.

Don’t Forget to Connect!

Tyler Garrett spent the last 20 years solving problems, making music, taking photos, developing algorithms, tableau consultant, and helping others. 

News & Updates

What is twitter – What is the point of twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform with limitations to how much text you can post per post. So, what is twitter? What is the point of twitter? I explain everything in detail below. Twitter offers you the ability to dive bomb on a heated convo, drop your lingo, and...

Is Life Upsetting? Or You’re an Alien.

For some reason I thought I needed to focus for the last 10+ years, ignore music, turn it into a x-hobby, and box it up. Sometimes it's okay to put a pause on things. I've learned putting a pause to long starts to creep into other portions of life. Similar to not...

Post to Instagram from your computer with this simple trick

Instagram still doesn't offer an official method to post photos to the social network from your computer. That's alright, though, because it's still possible! Once you master the process, you'll be glad you did. Editing photos on your computer and then having to sync...


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My Tableau Consulting journey has just begun!

I started working at Tableau software in 2014, I was a Senior Tableau Consultant with 5-6 years of hard data warehousing and a 4 year degree on my plate. I enjoyed helping establish best practices @ Tableau & establishing their COE (also known as a wiki). These documents are used, sent to customers, and tweaked by Tableau software employees; product consulting, tableau consulting, tableau sales consulting, and tableau support.

Hello, I’m a Tableau Consultant with a Bachelors Degree in business computer information systems. That’s me! And did you know, learning information technology at a University 10 years ago means I’m usually Senior to most Analytics experts. I enjoy teaching champions and new tableau users. Also, I enjoy teaching the same way I learned at Tableau Software. And I enjoy teaching, as a tableau consultant, to analytics users who are not technical!

Most of my tableau consulting revolves around socializing with executives and product managers. Using trello and google sheets to manage sprints, and slack to chat with the team. I prefer working very fast and I’m not burdened by a company or partnership with Tableau software.

I hope I’m able to work with you, and help you learn what I’ve learned working 150+ companies using Tableau desktop and Tableau server, and trained 1000+ individuals in group training sessions & spoke a few times at Tableau conferences. I was lucky to be able to call myself a doctor at one Tableau conference, but needed to stay at Kroger in Ohio, where I was helping them with their first major implementation of Tableau desktop.

If Kroger hires me, again… and I decide not to go to a Tableau party in Vegas, I hope you know that means I’m dedicated to solving problems, tableau consultant with real world experience, and customers always come first!

I worked at Tableau software, and helped build the internal wiki for the entire tableau consultancy. Now, I enjoy working remotely or onsite with Tableau customers. Let me know how I can help you. I was born and raised in the United States, I live in Austin, TX, and I enjoy helping customers around the globe see and understand their data.

Ready to Connect w/ Tyler? Speak to a Tableau consultant, not a sales manager!

I’m interested in helping you with whatever you’re working with. My wife, team, and I would be happy to help you. Tableau consulting is fun, easy, and we are happy to train you and your team! Also, if you need a tableau consultant, tableau adviser, or a solution architect to your data layer, we are happy to help you! Tableau Consultant, over and out.