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Tyler Garrett dot com is a blog full of typos and random deep dives authored by Ty. He spends his free time mentoring non-profits, start-ups, musicians, and has experience training thousands of advanced technology experts around the world. Tyler founded Dev3lop, Musicblip.

Tyler Garrett is like you.

Tyler Garrett enjoys helping people kick start ideas. Offering free web development and digital marketing to up and coming local stores, youth, non-profits, and musicians. Ty’s a New dad, gamer, artist, photographer, serial founder, political activist, etc. His 17 month old son thought this lego picture was hilarious.

Who’s itylergarrett?

Hi, itylergarrett is one of the zillions of Tyler Garretts. The itylergarrett is a music producer, a technology consultant, a solution architect, an SEO magician, and he’s also a data scientist.

Grow Your Audience.

Tyler enjoys helping others & blogging. He blogs about businesses, restaurants, products, software, and much more. Tyler Garrett helps non-profits and startups grow their audience using safe digital marketing strategies.

Thanks for swinging by, let’s chat.

Grow Your Audience.

Tyler enjoys helping others & blogging about businesses, restaurants, products, software, and much more. Get back to enjoying your day. Thanks for swinging by.

Tyler Garrett’s wiki.

You just found a new resource for helpful information. Powered by coffee and a passion to help others. Tyler Garrett enjoys blogging about technology, data, his family, travel, etc.

Find and Replace in a CSV using Python

Below is a quick tutorial on using a type of “find and replace” across a CSV file or you could do this find and replace on a TXT file too. I’m not a developer, just another blogger, blogging about learning python. I’m building use cases that are similar to a typical...

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6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully.

Hello, Tyler here. 8 yrs ago I was working at Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A, and Einstein’s Bagels, now I’m earning over six figures and have multiple streams of income. Below you will find 6 things I see successful people do unsuccessfully. Hanging with my best friends. Time...

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Finding Correlations in Public Data Sources

Can you choose different public data sources quickly, efficiently, and use that data for data science too? Finding correlations in public data sources used to be a lot of work to wrangle. What I said above, for most, would require multiple people.       Data architect...

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Homeless Data per State

Homeless data per state - this data source offers insights into sheltered, unsheltered, and chronically homeless families, individuals, and unaccompanied youth. My hypothesis is that if you have a lot of homeless people in your state, you also have bad survey scores,...

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HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data

Using HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data from Medicare.gov was the beginning of a group project. And a quick hypothesis that if your hospital gets bad survey scores, it's likely because there are other outliers that correlate. HCAHPS Survey data gives us quick insights into...

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4 Things You Need to Know About Expectation Setting

Do you want to be more successful with people you interact with? Let me tell you about a little buddy of mine called expectation setting. Also, I have pictures of our cute dog Charlie and a story about how he likes to poop inside. After nearly a decade of learning...

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