Optimizing Car Purchases

Optimizing Car Purchases

Really glad I sold this thing. Optimizing my car purchase and over estimating everything helped me get to where I am today.

I needed to optimize my purchase fast.

July 17, 2013 – I decided to get out of my Truck and into a 135i bmw.

4 wrecks in 2 years.

Never once my fault.

3 times people ran into it while it was parked.

Nearly 5k per accident, lucky one covered a couple.

135i 09, traded for a Prius, people laughed at me.

But now I own a home and paid down most of my student loans, who’s laughing meow.

haha, the banks probably.

Son, this is a blog to you! Having a fancy thang is cool but end of day, does it help you? This blog is to explain how I logically worked my way through being a child, and growing up a little bit. They didn’t write a book for 32, so I do hope you are blogging at this point in your life, I hope you realize it’s okay to say fuck social media, and I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did when i was 32.

The care would sorta equalize over 80mph, and pushing it around 140mph it felt like we were driving roughly 50mph…

Of course curbs and cars come at you a tiny bit faster but I thought it was one of the coolest experiences of my Dallas North Tollway Lives…

Rest easy little bmw.

Son, maybe buying an expensive car seems cool, feels like a great idea, but when you consider the logic of your monthly expenses…

here’s something I made in excel a few years ago.

Understanding when to optimize, when to spend, and knowing how expensive things are is key. Notice I was spending $550 per month for rent and my student loans are $300 a month.

Getting my monthly total down to $1,380, was better than spending 5k every few months because someone wanted to run into my little sports car.

Pretend you are you, 15 years from now, will this car be that relevant?

Or just cool today?

Hybrid from BMW

Moving to a hybrid helped me save money in gas, gas was expensive these years and for what it’s worth, keeping my monthly expense in gas low, allowed me to live in a nice area.

I had to drive more than others but I was able to drive more and it not be a problem. It allowed me to drive and take a snowboarding trip, when I barely had much money, considering how expensive everything is in America… having a few bucks here and there, is a big deal.

If I can pass any advice, moving from hybrid from BMW, … Consider opportunity costs, and if having a nice vehicle will increase your profits tomorrow, get nice vehicle, it works for hiphop artists and real estate agents and for me..

I work from home, I’m the nerdy person who executives enjoy talking with about advanced technology, and that doesn’t mean you will be cool in your Hybrid, not like me!

The gas savings alone was enough to afford another vehicle. If that doesn’t explain how expensive gas can become, consider forecasting, running sum of values never hurt anyone.

The 2019 Measles Media Campaign

The 2019 Measles Media Campaign

The 2019 measles media campaign is off to a great start!

We are excited to tell you about all the important pieces of our Measles Media Campaign but first, let’s cover the ground rules, and this will serve to help us understand the logic behind the measles campaign.

  • Pick a topic known for debate, CHECK.
  • Pick a topic without any clear winners in a debate. CHECK.
  • Spam it across the news & social media. CHECK.
  • Generate more content than anyone can handle. CHECK.

Wow, it’s on facebook, linkedin…

It helps vaccine companies, profit. CHECK.

Measles on the news – but WHY

Lots of excitement in the air the past few days, that’s because every major news company, the media companies that are “for profit” and owned by biased political parties. Those guys/gals are starting to dump measles stories to the top of their website.

From a digital marketing perspective, most people aren’t really talking about WHY this is happening and I’m sure there’s plenty of reasoning for or against, I just want to point out one tiny factoid.

Doctors, nurses, everyone at the hospital is a benefactor to success of this media campaign.

Now, you have a bunch of highly intelligent people, who are dependent on this money funnel to pay for X, Y, Z… And willing to debate.

Maybe I’m wrong, but you’re not hear for me to tell you I may be completely full of shit, but so are you, and you have to be crazy not to think you are a little full of shit.

That’s what these media companies are betting on too.

Everyone will become a know it all, and someone will think they know a little bit more, and take the time to enlighten them. Then someone else says something, and BOOM. We got a viral media campaign that is ONLY a sales funnel.

Wow, vaccines, healthcare, and news that pushes people to get more vaccines and healthcare…

Ahh, I need this vaccine after reading 10% of these media campaigns.

They hire a writer, the writer has been working on this post, and getting quotes from doctors, for months. Months before these stories got any air, why weren’t you concerned about measles? Because media wasn’t telling you that you needed to be concerned.

Wait wait… I want to get back to this logic…

If I look at this like a sales funnel,… Oh my, it is a sales funnel, and it has every quality and characteristic of a sales funnel but yet, we do not consider these topics to be a part of a sales pitch!

That seems ODD.

When I was building my tableau consulting company, the second time, I learned a lot about digital marketing and fake content used to drive traffic OR distract people from more important events…

Wow, a measles scare. CHECK.


But wait, the logic is… you want to talk about something, and have a solution.

You built a blog post, and you funnel me through the FEAR, and explain the solution…

And you’re telling me you’re 100% disconnected from ANY profit…

Sounds like a funnel, a profit funnel, a spammy profit funnel that looks like bullshit.

Today, Measles is on LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more social platforms. Below, you won’t find a path forward, rather it’s talking about, WHY Measles media is on your feed and logically talking through the profit funnel everyone seems to be missing.

Why is Measues on my linkedin today…

It’s because the vaccine company is going to earn more money than the 99% of you will ever understand. Period. The end. Nothing more.

Stop pretending.

99% of the population, who are not insanely rich, are the only people talking about this topic right now. So, wake up fam.

As you you may or may not understand or know, today, the top 1% of the population controls all of the wealth in the world, and they also control media. 90% of media is owned by 6 companies, the illusion of choice is obvious but that’s if you don’t care to study who owns what.

Most people don’t care to see where media companies align politically, and that’s why citizens united just purchased the presidency right from under our noses. Not my nose, my nose was running around trying to tell everyone what’s happening, the lies being told, but no one wanted to listen. Yet, here we are, talking about a topic people are all willing to be the local village expert or idiot.

Not done talking politics just yet…

You might think, “oh man, Obama was dope, I miss Obama today..” But did you know Obama allowed citizens united to happen? Do you care that the top 1% can legally buy the election?

They literally buy votes, legally.

And are causing a lot of the fear you will see today, and tomorrow. Measles will come and go like the wind, and tomorrow it will be another big problem that doesn’t speak of the corruption… Sad…

Sad mostly because if you actually googled how to cure the measles, you would laugh your ass off.

If you google about measles, you can easily find the cure, it is as easy as relaxing, resting, drinking water, and taking vitamins.

Googling it, you find false narratives like…

The number of measles cases in the United States has significantly dropped in recent decades due to immunizations. However, the disease has not been completely eliminated. In fact, there were 189 cases of measles in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The truth is not immunizations, that can’t be the truth because there is no way of studying causations with correlations, which is the exact argument people use to say non-vaccine people are wrong!

The truth is – technology, education, knowledge and facts evolve.

Fear, is created. Similar to vaccines. Created for a reason, to profit.

Vaccines are profitable if people fear the disease. Ergo, fear it.

A vaccine can not contribute to the drop in measles, only opinionated people can say that and they are also going to argue the exact same thing if you try to prove them wrong so – stop. Just stop right now.

Both parties, are arguing the exact same logic, and it’s another peanut butter and jelly topic.

Measles got you raging?

You’re not sick, you’re human, you passionate about the topic and have something to say…

But… I have to tell you what just happened – before you haul off and pay the man…

How about you wash your damn hands when you go out, and stop falling victim to profit media campaigns.

Did you share the story? Did you get blocked by a friend yet? You probably have seen a few arguments happen today because of the measles media campaign.

You’re falling victim to Fear media.

You probably didn’t know the political campaign of Trump took a MAJOR impact the past few days, weeks, months, literally badges are kicking down doors…

They need to distract their core following, and they know their following. They know they are anti vaccinators and they will be very busy with this story instead of reading about…

The FBI sorta did this thing called an indictment of Roger Stone

Chances are, no one will read it, it’s long and talks about how the Trump campaign logically used illegal activities to do stuff but if you can’t read it, why should I give you a cliff note, it’s likely one of the most important things to happen in politics and it has received literally no news since it happened because in our country, politics controls the news, and everyone will share this vaccine scare instead! If you’re one of those low lives who isn’t a billionaire and thinks media isn’t biased political pieces of crap, then you did not pay attention to the elections or US history.

That’s the end game for Trump campaign, push media that doesn’t negatively impact his campaign and distracts his following from keeping up the online troll factory of “you’re the problem, not me.”

Seems smart really, if you break it down… Trump’s core followers are anti-VX people, and so was Trump, during his campaign. So this particular topic, having a massive media sprawl, and no one wants to point out the elephant in the room?

Measles cure is the same as if you had a flu or cold, so why is media acting like it’s the end of time? Ah right, profit and distractions.

Measles resembles a common flu/cold, and can be cured the exact same way too.

It’s not the 1700’s – we will not see a major loss because of the measles.

It’s not a complex problem and we have solved it without media campaigns for 100’s of years, it wasn’t until recently that companies realized they could profit from vaccines and also control the media in a way that makes it seem like it’s legit news. Because when you look at it, it’s a legit reporter, doing their job, to report and read a teleprompter. If you think they are in control of their output, you are probably working through a lot of cognitive dissonance, I feel for you, I too have my own problems with cognitive dissonance.

We will see a lot of media because they can afford it, every hour someone is scared, running to the doctor to get a vaccine that spend MONEY.

That MONEY is going into the hands of big pharma. That’s all that’s happening.

Vaccine talk is where you get the crazy people who are passionate about the topics, openly speaking about the data and research they have gained from hours if not YEARS of research.

SO WHY THE F*** do we care about measles?

Because people are getting RETIREMENT rich, with this one tiny media sprint.

If you’re re-sharing, or talking about it, you’re a part of a few people buying a yacht.


OH really? This is news? Something you can cure, by googling it…

So this entire BLURB isn’t going to increase the stock price of some big pharma company, and they don’t have their hand in the pockets of every person in the industry?

Sure, these companies don’t have lobbyists, they are non-profit, looking out for their customers, they care about checks and balances and would NEVER hire someone to keep them out of trouble and would never want national press about measles.

Why would they hide dangerous information about children being harmed, that’s not great news!!!

Okay, sure, I forgot vaccines are completely free and have no negative side effects.

I’m sure health professionals love this kind of bullshit. Getting billionaires more billions because they pump a little bit of news, when they could be focusing on the political corruption, they could be focusing on homeless ness, they could be focusing on anything else but instead they are focusing on the measles and the majority of everyone you know, helped surface that “for profit” media campaign.

They helped by sharing a sales funnel, packed into a very argumentative conversation.

Hospitals love telling people what to do…

Just as much as they love telling women to avoid birthing centers and forcing them through their pregnancy, just so you can push a bunch of chemicals into their child.

After having a kid, learning about the business of being born, and also studying up on vaccines. It was easy to learn that a lot of these ad campaigns are only to generate profit, to piss people off and make them share, chat, comment, like, argue, debate, and that’s why every single ARTICLE is covered from head to toe with ad space.

That’s not to keep the lights on, that’s because they are going to earn millions off of a story that should have no impact to our news/media but because it drives millions of people to the hospital, to drive tens of millions of dollars back to the vaccine company, who really benefits when we come together and can’t find a simple thing to agree on.

That’s the key though, these companies don’t want us to agree, they don’t want us to come together with a factual opinion about anything because facts do not profit, facts do not sell news papers, facts do NOT move the needle in media.

So what’s next?

Regrettably, we are all programmed to be trigger happy because of all of the corruption that’s right in our face, factual information is available in simple API’s, but who knows how to work those things?

So now, we are all quick to jump into witch hunts, and spend hours of time helping billionaires get more rich.

I noticed one key thing in all the arguments about vaccine/non-vx… they are people, arguing with people, and none of them are billionaires.

The arguing is driving more traffic, more fear, and less facts into the problems we are facing, which is pretty clear… profit fueled media campaigns.

Hey LinkedIn.com?

Less corrupt media, PLEASE.

Clean up your act.

This has nothing to do with anyones professional career and because it’s completely corrupt and for profit, I feel LinkedIn is in on the money if it’s able to break through their trending media feed.

Which stands to say, they are in on the take too.

Which isn’t surprising, their core founders like getting on their political tower, only to be cut down at the knee by people with less to benefit by political parties.

If LinkedIN.com is now a source of bullshit, where will the average professional navigate towards?

Facebook is trending down, snapchat just had another huge PR push to save their stock price, and here we are with linkedin.com, starting to cover the twisted media stream built to help vaccine companies earn more stupid money off of misguided people.

Where do you stand on this topic? Do you see the connections?

By Tyler Garrett