Start Typing to Get Traffic!

Start Typing to Get Traffic!

Start typing to get traffic…

It’s magic, I know.

If you say start typing a couple more times than your competitor, you’re going to confuse a robot and the algorithm will rank you #1.

There’s no tricks…

Just a lot of opinionated people who aren’t very technical, offering lots of bad content about how to get traffic.

Usually everyone PAYS to play.

But if you don’t pay… you can earn traffic by simply typing and blogging on other websites.

Seriously, it’s like you will start ranking for “start typing to get traffic.”

Most people don’t realize if you start typing to get traffic, you will get traffic because robots will have ranked you for start typing.

Notice, we can do different things, like say get traffic and start typing. They key is I’m doing something… I’m doing more than nothing, I’m doing more than scrolling on facebook. I’m not living my life by staring at someone else’s meal from yesterday…

You could blog about super complex API stuff, like I tend to do…

You can pretend like people understand your niche, circle stuff in pink like that will help…

Ultimately you need to type about stuff that isn’t really complex.

Making stuff for the masses is easy for everyone to understand you know what you’re talking about, and don’t need to stress the mechanics of how a clock turns.

So, I made a visualization.

The dashboard clearly explains the analytics jobs coming from

A dashboard is a way for me to easy explain the data…

I can avoid talking of the complexities of prepping data from an API perspective, how I connected it to linkedin, how I had to parse data at a row level to answer questions I had about LinkedIn Job data….

None of that stuff matters.

PEOPLE just want to see the time…

But if you’re not willing to show them any of that…

Trust me the facebook group, facebook ad, stuff.. Will fade.

Pay to play will not be a resume booster.

Unless you’re doing something really techie…

Start typing to get traffic from robots first…

Robots need to find you and eventually they will. Make sure after a header, you talk about the header too, like start typing to get traffic from robots first – or you’re not going to get traffic ever…

traffic on Tyler Garrett‘s medium for 30 days.

Really simple stuff… I started typing on medium. It’s free.

I type about whatever, coding, anything really…

And now I’m ranking on Google? Only people beating me are full of advertisements, which is likely because they are cheating to rank.

website above this looks like dog shit.

But that’s the wild west in ranking, shitty websites beat websites without a single advertisement. That’s how the game is played and everyone is cheating.


Using bold also tells robots you’re serious about the two words.

And all you did was start typing about something.

Anything will do.

Putting it in double quotes can also help indicate the topic of the entire blog, but mostly, you want to say it in the title, the URL, the first paragraph, and maybe in a header or two below!

ranking for

If you round it off with the keywords again, like how important it is to type anything, and keep trying.

It took 3 years before people really started sharing my content. It takes time to learn the internet when it’s full of fake accounts, fake consultancies, and scammers.