This dog..

This dog..

This dog.. loves pooping inside.

Can’t get enough of pooping inside.

While browsing the local austin gardening store, this dog.. pooped 4 different times.

One more just now, not sure where the extra poop comes from but at least not inside today..

This dog.. Pure joy. Pure poop.

It was a fun little hike around Austin with this dog.. he neeeds a good walking.

He’s not a one bag per hike type of dog. He’s basically pooping as much as some dogs mark.

This dog,. is a pooper…

I don’t know how much poop we can handle with this pup.. this dog..

This dog is full of poop

Seriously, this dog..

Charlie must have had an entire wheel of cheese.

Charlie played a big part in our lives and even though Charlie likes to eat poop and poop inside… we still like Charlie.

Sometimes this dog.. will poop a lot outside, and play silly for a few minutes then poop inside.

So, due diligence and lots of walks, bags, and praise will weather the storm.