Using HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data from was the beginning of a group project. And a quick hypothesis that if your hospital gets bad survey scores, it’s likely because there are other outliers that correlate.

HCAHPS Survey data gives us quick insights into many different values but to do a quick analysis, we want to stick with an average of the values, and the data offers an average, per hospital.

  • Thousands of people take a survey or submit a survey.
  • The average of those values shown in the HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data.
  • A score from 1 to 5.
  • 1 being the worst and 5 being the best score.

Hopefully, your hospital has a decent score!

Dave Chappelle laughing about hospital survey data

Dave Chappelle laughing about hospital survey data


There are hundreds of hospitals in the HCAHPS Survey Data.

When looking at the website above, it’s important to understand how many hospitals per state, to understand the sample size at a state level.

The bar chart below is a distinct count of hospitals per state.

HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data - number of hospitals per state.

HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data – the number of hospitals per state. In Tableau Desktop by Tyler Garrett.

HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data has many Correlations

HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data has a lot of negative correlations, from a Pearson correlation perspective. In my studies of this data, it was easy to see several correlating factors that supported my initial hypothesis.

If you have bad survey scores,…

explosion joker GIF

It’s likely you also have a high population of homeless people, high death rates, low fertility rates, and also Census 2010 households ethnicity aggregations will more than likely tell a story too.

Finding a Correlation is not Finding Causation.

Just because your state loses the test – remember its an average per state. Correlation is not causation.

Yes, this data can tell you the worst hospitals in your state. It’s important to note; correlation is not causation and it’s important to talk about these potentially predictive outliers.

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Follow the link above and start analyzing other data related to the medical field or read more about the metadata below.

Usually, I would leave that data solution here but today I’m a little past that and will be blogging more about the correlations, and try to find statistical relevance in these measured values.

HCAHPS Hospital Survey data has a little bit of metadata too.

Contact Email
Contact Name Hospital Compare
Program Code 009:000
Publisher Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Bureau Code 009:38

As of May 19, 2018, HCAHPS Hospital Survey Data has been over 20,000 downloads and over 166,000 views.

The row count is a staggering 266,000 rows by 23 columns. Learn more about this dataset here. It’s a list of hospital ratings for the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). HCAHPS is a national, standardized survey of hospital patients about their experiences during a recent inpatient hospital stay.

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