Home ownership… The Lone Ranger… ant spider looking thing. The thing the sorta talks to you vs get squished. Then your son charges the ant with his shoe. And you have to explain to him not to kill the ant spider thing, and he has a choice. A choice to kill the ant spider thing. A choice to care about the lowest of what you consider your “class”…. we all have a choice. Today we will put this monster outside – in hopes that he never returns. Also Charley our dog 🐕 loves bringing these monsters in the house, sleeping next to me, okay now I understand what’s going on. #wp #dogs #homeowner #ant #spider cross breed and rides in on your furry dog. Hahah. But then you spend 6 hours looking for where the ants are coming from, and it’s that little revenue stream of barking, pooping on everything and of course. Brining ant spider #aliens in my bed. Perfect weather for this little boy and ant spider to go outside. And not be carried away by mosquitoes. #texas #austin
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