In a galaxy far away, a long time ago, I made coffee for my boss and left early to buy lunch for everyone.

I was working on oil and natural gas rigs, we are doing horizontal drilling with MWD tools.

My manager told me on day 1, “you make coffee in the morning or you don’t work here.”

Later I learned I was buying him food every morning and taking care of that expense too.

So, what do I do?

I make coffee in the morning.

So here I am, puffy faced, making coffee, using someone else’s coffee machine.

The coffee machine had a certain kind of “filter requirement” as the minimum requirement.

Hey end users “You need X filter, for that Y machine, anything else isn’t sufficient.”

So, I used the only filters available to me.

  1. Someone else’s coffee filters.
  2. Someone else’s coffee machine
  3. Someone else’s coffee grinds
  4. To make someone else a coffee.

We worked the grave yard shift… you just need coffee to start your day. Imagine sleeping with the sun blaring down on your trailer, during the summer, in Oklahoma. You have to tape towels over the windows to avoid the sun waking you up at the wrong time. You better hope no one above you in the chain of command is a smoker because then you have to cover the AC vents. It gets hot af.

So i made some coffee…

I hit the GO button, turned around, and walked out of the trailer.

Trailers are rented and left at rigs around the world, it’s affordable, easy to move, and works for an office and living space.

You need a place to live by the office because this is a grueling job.

Paid decent too.

12 hour shifts. We had the 6pm to 6am shift.

Making coffee like a boss.

When you make coffee, make coffee like a boss.

This guy called me, “tyler turn around the coffee is everywhere.”

Me, 10 minutes from a 40minute trip to the nearest town.

“Turn around?”


What happened?

“I dunno, I guess you made the coffee and now it’s on the ground.”

“Okay on my way back.”

I probably said 30 curse words on the side of the roads before I turned around.

I thought “could you not clean it up?” “Don’t you realize this is going to take another XYZ math problem to do.”

I kept this to myself until today.

A moral to my coffee story?

The moral to the story, always be sure the water is able to drain out the bottom of the coffee machine.

Don’t pull a Tyler and make a mess. Don’t turn around, wait there. Look at it. Take some time to enjoy the sights. Oh look at the mess on the ground, maybe I will clean that mess, but be sure you keep your eyes on the machine. It overflows and that sucks because then you need to clean that shit up.


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