AI, Artificial Intelligence, is not scary and I want to set you at ease.

Right now, the only fear you have is the developer using artificial intelligence for bad.

Simple enough, right…

Consider the available technology. Video recognition using basic web cams, automated roaming robots in a maze, and all kinds of cool stuff.

Scary yet?

… Relax, this isn’t that movie.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a mission based application.

It’s not scary, yet.

The AI, or application, performs a task or set of tasks.

It stores data, in a database, or in memory.

It gets smart or it does not get smart. I know that sounds weird but most things don’t really work and we live in a world of failure.

End of story.

Don’t be scared of AI…

Learn AI.

AI learning is free.

The basic application of AI can be exposed by looking at how a developer at google uses tensorflow, a machine learning library in python, and teaches a video game to shoot a basketball – perfectly.

AI… It’s like saying, we want to get better at basketball…

There’s a lot of options when it comes to getting good at one sport. Let’s take away all the granularity of the sport and only talk about one aspect of the game…

We want to get better at SHOOTING.

We want to make a computer, get better at shooting a fake basketball, and that’s not scary.

But we don’t want to worry about actually playing the sport.

AI is like basketball, sorta

We want to reap the benefits of understanding exactly how hard to throw the basketball, to earn points. Because that’s the point of life right?

Computers can speed up the process, learn from mistakes, and learn from success data.

In computer scienceartificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. 

What is wiki?

An application spamming basketball shots, only keeping track of the good shots, would eventually learn exactly how to shoot the basketball.

Computer science defines AI research as the study of “intelligent agents“: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals.

What is wiki?

Unless someone starts programming the robot dog to bark up the wrong tree, then we may need to worry.

AI could be scary if…

If we used image recognition and built AI to make killing people a successful mission. AI could be very scary if it could reason with attacking humans and use video to identify humans, using image recognition, and instead of opening doors for people, maybe it squishes their skull.

If the developer generates this possibility, it could happen.

Today, opening the door is what the robot dog does.

It makes an action, based on decisions it has been programmed to make. It is programmed to open a closed door. And if that program was set to recognize someones face, get close, and squish the face…

That would suck.

Robots will fuck up a watermelon.

Some robots are doing other things… Like…

Some robots are built to do other fun things. They are utilizing existing technology to have a bit of fun.

Watch this competition about not squishing peoples faces.

Artificial intelligence has a ways to go before we need to stress because programming a robot to make a decision to destroy it’s master would not likely be something any developer would be interested in doing.

We should avoid technology related to weaponizing robotics, and avoid the rare chance of military grade decision making robots, attacking people based on video rendering. If it goes wrong, we could quickly see some of this biggest killing sprees the world has ever seen.

artificial intelligence
– by tyler

Perfectly executed face squishing would not be ideal.

Seriously look at this bad ass robot dog picture below…

Imagine it’s built to squish humans. Okay, now you understand what we don’t want to consider training these robots to do…

And if anyone hears of weaponizing robotics, we should do everything we can to consider regulating and avoiding little walking terminators.

Little face pinching AI robots. Not the cute cheek pincher like your grandmother.

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