Optimizing Car Purchases

Optimizing Car Purchases

Really glad I sold this thing. Optimizing my car purchase and over estimating everything helped me get to where I am today.

I needed to optimize my purchase fast.

July 17, 2013 – I decided to get out of my Truck and into a 135i bmw.

4 wrecks in 2 years.

Never once my fault.

3 times people ran into it while it was parked.

Nearly 5k per accident, lucky one covered a couple.

135i 09, traded for a Prius, people laughed at me.

But now I own a home and paid down most of my student loans, who’s laughing meow.

haha, the banks probably.

Son, this is a blog to you! Having a fancy thang is cool but end of day, does it help you? This blog is to explain how I logically worked my way through being a child, and growing up a little bit. They didn’t write a book for 32, so I do hope you are blogging at this point in your life, I hope you realize it’s okay to say fuck social media, and I hope you enjoy learning as much as I did when i was 32.

The care would sorta equalize over 80mph, and pushing it around 140mph it felt like we were driving roughly 50mph…

Of course curbs and cars come at you a tiny bit faster but I thought it was one of the coolest experiences of my Dallas North Tollway Lives…

Rest easy little bmw.

Son, maybe buying an expensive car seems cool, feels like a great idea, but when you consider the logic of your monthly expenses…

here’s something I made in excel a few years ago.

Understanding when to optimize, when to spend, and knowing how expensive things are is key. Notice I was spending $550 per month for rent and my student loans are $300 a month.

Getting my monthly total down to $1,380, was better than spending 5k every few months because someone wanted to run into my little sports car.

Pretend you are you, 15 years from now, will this car be that relevant?

Or just cool today?

Hybrid from BMW

Moving to a hybrid helped me save money in gas, gas was expensive these years and for what it’s worth, keeping my monthly expense in gas low, allowed me to live in a nice area.

I had to drive more than others but I was able to drive more and it not be a problem. It allowed me to drive and take a snowboarding trip, when I barely had much money, considering how expensive everything is in America… having a few bucks here and there, is a big deal.

If I can pass any advice, moving from hybrid from BMW, … Consider opportunity costs, and if having a nice vehicle will increase your profits tomorrow, get nice vehicle, it works for hiphop artists and real estate agents and for me..

I work from home, I’m the nerdy person who executives enjoy talking with about advanced technology, and that doesn’t mean you will be cool in your Hybrid, not like me!

The gas savings alone was enough to afford another vehicle. If that doesn’t explain how expensive gas can become, consider forecasting, running sum of values never hurt anyone.